Saturday, March 6, 2021

Republicans Slam Democrats’ ‘Power Grab’ Bill Normalizing 2020 Election Problems; Congress Taking Over Elections Would Bring Chaos to State Election Systems

UPDATE: House Passes H.R. 1, the “For the People” Act (still has to pass in the Senate)

Republicans Slam Democrats’ ‘Power Grab’ Bill Normalizing 2020 Election Problems:
Republicans are slamming Democratic lawmakers for a partisan “power grab” bill that would normalize parts of the 2020 election fiasco that caused voters to lose trust in it.
While Democrats say there are amendments to the original drafting of the bill, giving Republicans the chance to provide input or object to certain provisions, one Republican representative pointed out that 49 of the 56 alterations came from the left side of the political aisle, “hand-selected by a small group in the rules committee.”
“Let’s be very clear. The arguments being distilled on the floor today is that Republicans, my colleagues and I, are bigots. Why? Because they use fancy words like ‘voter suppression’ to say that we are wanting to tamp down people’s access to polls. And nothing can be further from the truth,” Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas said on the House floor on Tuesday. “Heaven forbid we want to use voter identification. Heaven forbid we want to honor the will of the people, through their legislatures in the states, passing rules to make sure that our system is actually working, using voter identification that the American people use to fly, that the American people use to do everything else. If I demand that, I’m a bigot.” --->READ MORE HERE
Illustration by Alexander Hunter/The Wash Times
Congress taking over elections would bring chaos to state election systems:
Forcing uniform standards, procedures and expectations into state elections brings loss of confidence in results
In last year’s election, nearly 6 million Ohioans cast a ballot shattering our state’s all-time record for voter turn-out.
But that wasn’t all — 74% of registered voters cast a ballot, breaking another record. Early and absentee voting increased by 75% compared to 2016, and 94% of all absentee ballots were returned — all smashing previous state records.
All of this in the middle of a crippling global pandemic with a toxic political environment, pervasive election disinformation, widespread civil unrest and uncertainty like we’ve never seen. In Ohio’s 218 years of statehood, it has never been more challenging to run an election than it was last year.
And yet, by every quantifiable metric, Ohio’s November 2020 election was the most successful on record --->READ MORE HERE
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