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Jerry Nadler Unmasks the True Nature of the 'Equality Act'; 11 Myths About the Transgender ‘Equality Act’, and related stories

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Jerry Nadler Unmasks the True Nature of the 'Equality Act':
Last Thursday, as the House of Representatives debated H.R. 5, the Orwellian “Equality Act,” a seemingly exasperated Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) arguably revealed the true nature of his party’s radical legislation. In response to Rep. Greg Steube’s (R-Fla.) speech quoting the Bible, Nadler declared that “what any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress.”
The Equality Act would enshrine the concept of “gender identity” into federal civil rights law, mandating that Americans kowtow to biologically false transgender identities. Steube quoted the Bible to express the fact that millions of Americans object to transgender identity on religious grounds and to warn that the Equality Act constitutes rebellion against God.
“A woman must not wear men’s clothing nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this,” Steube said, quoting Deuteronomy 22:5. Christians do not believe this section of the Torah, the Old Covenant law, is binding on Christians today, but we do hold that this law expresses God’s truth and directs human beings toward the higher law of Jesus in the New Testament.
“It’s not clothing or personal style that offends God, but rather the use of one’s appearance to act out or take on a sexual identity different from the one biologically assigned by God at birth,” Steube said (he should have said “assigned at conception”). --->READ MORE HERE
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Heritage: 11 Myths About the Transgender ‘Equality Act’:
The Heritage Foundation exposed 11 of the most revolutionary demands in the Democrats’ so-called Equality Act, which would force Americans to accept the transgender ideology’s far-reaching claim that each person’s legal sex is determined by their inner feelings of “gender identity,” not by their measurable biology.
Heritage reported:
The proposed Equality Act of 2021 (H.R. 5) would make mainstream beliefs about marriage, biological facts about sex differences, and many sincerely held beliefs punishable under the law. The Equality Act makes discrimination the law of the land by forcing Americans to conform to government-mandated beliefs under the threat of life-ruining financial and criminal penalties. Presented as a bill with commonsense and decent protections against discrimination, H.R. 5 is anything but. The Equality Act politicizes medicine and education and demolishes existing civil rights and constitutional freedoms.
The paper describes the 11 myths pushed by its progressive supporters — and then details the reality behind the progressive myths.
Myth 1: The Equality Act Simply Punishes Discrimination Against People Who Identify as Gay or Transgender
Fact: The Equality Act—introduced as H.R. 5 in the House of Representatives on February 18, 2021—makes mainstream beliefs about marriage, as well as basic biological facts about sex differences, punishable under the law …
Myth 2: The Equality Act Preserves Religious Freedom
Fact: The Equality Act guts the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and threatens constitutional freedoms by eliminating conscience protections from the Civil Rights Act. If enacted, H.R. 5 would force employers, medical professionals, educators, and religious organizations to allow men into women’s shelters, pay for or perform sex-change operations, and engage in speech that violates their consciences … --->READ MORE HERE
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