Wednesday, March 10, 2021

INFECTED INVADERS ALERT: Is This One of the Ways Democrats and the Biden Administration Plan to Keep the Pandemic Going and U.S. Citizens in Masks?

Provided by Washington Examiner
DHS won’t test thousands of migrants before releasing into US and is relying on border communities:
U.S. border officials have no plans for personnel on the southern border to administer coronavirus tests on migrants, which could risk the spread of the virus as thousands of families and children are released from federal custody into border communities and travel across the United States.
The Biden administration is struggling to respond to the escalating situation on the U.S.-Mexico border, where about 20,000 people were encountered illegally entering the country each week in February. Border officials are able to send adults immediately back to Mexico, but they cannot return children and some families.
Several border lawmakers are concerned that the government will not test migrants in federal custody before letting people out of custody in communities across the border, where migrants will board buses and flights and then embark to their final destinations around the country.
Border Patrol agents look over migrants for symptoms of COVID-19, but the Border Patrol itself cannot administer rapid coronavirus tests and has not tested anyone. --->READ MORE HERE
Provided by Washington Examiner
Arizona sheriff calls on Fauci to address risk from Biden administration's lack of coronavirus testing for border migrants:
An Arizona sheriff called out White House Coronavirus Response Team member Dr. Anthony Fauci and asked him to comment on reports that illegal immigrants are being released into the community by the Biden administration without being tested for the coronavirus.
The Biden administration’s handling of the coronavirus at the border “goes against the grain of the CDC,” according to Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels, who said he would “love to hear from Dr. Fauci” about why migrants aren’t being tested at the border.
Earlier this week, it was reported that over 100 migrants released by the Biden administration in Texas since January have tested positive for the coronavirus. --->READ MORE HERE
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