Monday, March 29, 2021

How Many Trillions Will the Democrats Blow Next? Biden to Unveil $3 Trillion Infrastructure Plan in Pittsburgh This Week

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How Many Trillions Will the Democrats Blow Next?
Soon after taking power, the Democrats topped off previous COVID-relief efforts with an unnecessary $2 trillion bill, much of which didn’t have any plausible connection to COVID. Now, as I discussed last week, they’re planning to burn another large sum, perhaps in the range of $2–4 trillion, on infrastructure, jobs, and assorted odds and ends.
Biden press secretary Jen Psaki tweets that the details are still not final: The president is “considering a range of options, scopes and sizes of plans and will discuss with his policy team in days ahead, but speculation is premature, given [Biden] does not plan to lay out additional details this week.”
The Washington Post managed to get some insider info, though. White House aides are aiming to present Biden with a package costing $3 trillion — about $9,000 for every individual living in this country. In addition to pumping massive sums into American infrastructure (which, as I noted last week, is not in fact “crumbling”), it would extend the COVID bill’s controversial “child allowance” for a few more years, make community college free (which I guess isn’t as bad as, say, forgiving all student debt), and subsidize child care (which deliberately blunts a big advantage of stay-at-home parenting). --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden to unveil $3 trillion infrastructure plan in Pittsburgh This week:
President Biden will travel this week to Pittsburgh, where he kicked off his presidential run in 2019, to unveil his sweeping, $3 trillion infrastructure package that is expected to include funds for roads and bridges as well as addressing climate change and income inequality.
The president’s trip to the blue-collar steel city next Wednesday will build on his administration’s “Build Back Better” campaign and comes on the heels of the passage of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus package earlier this month.
Biden is still reportedly huddling with members of his administration and Democratic congressional leaders to fine-tune details, and the White House has been careful not to release any of the plan’s features as they may still change.
But reports say legislative measures will be twofold — one dealing with traditional infrastructure projects like roads and bridges, as well as electric car charging stations and enhancing cellular networks. --->READ MORE HERE
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