Friday, March 12, 2021

For National Security Reasons, Let’s Keep Biden In The Basement And Off TV; Media Silent On Biden’s Senility After Spending President Trump’s Term Dogging Him Over Mental Fitness, and related stories and videos

For National Security Reasons, Let’s Keep Biden In The Basement And Off TV:
Maybe it's not great for us if foreign adversaries see him too much in his weakened state. Save him for when he is alert and able to handle the pressures of public speaking.
President Joe Biden forgot the name of his defense secretary yesterday (Lloyd Austin), as well as where Austin works (the Pentagon). The other day, his handlers abruptly cut his video rather than let him answer questions from his fellow Democratic elected officials.
His team won’t allow him to host a press conference, even knowing that the White House press team couldn’t be friendlier to the man who replaced the man who drove them crazy with rage. The septuagenarian just struggles with communication, as he did in his gloomy speech a couple of weeks ago about how many Americans died from the coronavirus, or when trying to defend his bill to bail out Democratic strongholds in the name of COVID relief:
Biden’s never been the most incandescent bulb in the political chandelier, but his more recent decline in verbal acuity has been noticeable. Tons of people struggle to pronounce words, remember information, and string sentences together, particularly as they age. --->READ MORE HERE
Media Silent On Biden’s Senility After Spending Trump’s Term Dogging Him Over Mental Fitness:
President Joe Biden forgot who his secretary of defense was on Monday, prompting some to question his ability to govern and lead the nation. As Biden continues to stumble his way through his scarce interactions with the outside world, however, the corporate media remain quietly submissive and willfully ignorant to his failure to coherently communicate, ignoring their own treatment of Trump for non-issues while labeling cognitive decline criticisms of Biden as Russian propaganda.
In 2020, former President Donald Trump said he “aced” his cognitive test, a fact that corporate media outlets repeatedly questioned, joked about, and harped on for days. When Biden was questioned about whether he planned to release the results of his consistent cognitive decline testing, however, legacy media overlooked his lack of response. --->READ MORE HERE
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