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EATING YOUR OWN?: Gov. Noem’s Retreat on South Dakota Transgender Bill Shows the Need to Make Red States Red Again; Let's Give Noem Some Room to Maneuver on Transgender Legislation - She's Not Completely Wrong, and other opinions

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Horowitz: Gov. Noem’s retreat on South Dakota transgender bill shows the need to make red states red again:
Every statewide partisan officeholder in South Dakota is a Republican. The GOP controls the state House 62-8 and the Senate 32-3 — the largest majorities ever. Yet they can't seem to ban castration of minors or prevent men in female sports as part of the loony transgender agenda. What gives? They are plagued by the same business lobby preventing every other GOP supermajority state from protecting its historic cultural conservatism.
On Feb. 24, the South Dakota house passed HB 1217, which would prevent men from playing in female sports within state grade school and collegiate programs. Many red states have either considered or passed similar bills in recent months, and given the lopsided margins in the legislature, I didn't pay much attention to this bill because I thought its passage was a foregone conclusion. The bill did lose some Republicans in the House, but still passed with a 50-17 supermajority.
Signs of slippage showed in the Senate when the bill passed 20-15 on March 8, with a large number of the Republicans voting with the left. Nonetheless, Gov. Kristi Noem tweaked the left on International Women's day by promising to sign this bill into law.
Gov. Noem has been widely hailed as a hero by conservatives for standing up to COVID fascism and refusing to implement mask mandates and stay-at-home orders in South Dakota. As such, many were shocked when she did an about-face last Friday and issued a de facto veto threat until changes are made to the bill. --->READ MORE HERE
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Let's Give Kristi Noem Some Room to Maneuver on Transgender Legislation - She's Not Completely Wrong:
Over the weekend, Governor Kristi Noem came under fire from conservatives after refusing to sign a bill prohibiting transgender girls and women from playing in girls’ and women’s sports leagues. This is a hot-button cultural issue, but I would caution my fellow travelers from making snap judgments and employing purity tests. That behavior ran rampant in the 2016 primary, and we see it as a feature, not a bug, when it happens on the Left. While it is understandable that conservatives are often let down by our elected leaders and we have a reason to be skeptical, let’s take a deep breath for a minute.
I watched Noem’s interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight Monday evening and listened to her speak with radio host Glenn Beck Tuesday morning. According to her statements, the bill can go through to protect girls 18 and under in the state of South Dakota but requires some changes related to an individual’s right to sue if they lose a competition to someone who used performance-enhancing drugs. The section of the bill she is asking the legislature to hold off on is the collegiate level portion of the bill.
According to Noem, she has been consulting with legal experts and professors to figure out how she could defend the entire bill once it passed. There are concerns about how the bill as written would fare in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals and about the NCAA leading a public relations campaign against the state. We saw this when North Carolina passed a bill to keep bathrooms segregated by biological sex. According to CNBC at the time: --->READ MORE HERE
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