Thursday, March 11, 2021

Democrats turn Washington D.C. into America's Forbidden City; Chris Bedford: Second Capitol ‘Insurrection’? All I Saw Were Joggers And Birds, and related stories

Illustration by Alexander Hunter/The Wash Times
Democrats turn Washington D.C. into America's Forbidden City:
Walls, fences, double perimeters and machine guns are for border crossings, not Capitol Hill
More revelations about poor accommodations for National Guard members stationed in Washington obscure the greater insult that they are being used by Democrats as political props to drive a divisive narrative.
Our men and women in uniform are increasingly a solution in search of a problem, there to hide the catastrophic security failures of the Jan. 6 riot but more to perpetuate the sick notion that the American right is a threat to national security.
We know from history that police states share several characteristics. Americans are watching those play out today in our very own Forbidden City.
The Communist Chinese used the pandemic to create chaos and Democrats have seized the moment to restrict constitutional freedoms, including freedom of speech, religion, movement, commerce and other basic features of our democracy.
In a classic case of psychological projection, Democrats who accused Donald Trump of being a dictator, are being exposed as the real authoritarians. Arbitrary, unscientific lockdowns and COVID-related state surveillance, restrictions on worship, the destructive cancel culture and the militarization of Washington, D.C., are all part of an un-American pattern of behavior. --->READ MORE HERE
Chris Bedford: Second Capitol ‘Insurrection’? All I Saw Were Joggers And Birds:
Federalist Senior Editor Chris Bedford on Fox News Thursday night broke down his experience covering what corporate press said would amount to a second wave of violent riots at the U.S. Capitol.
The scene, however, Bedford said, depicted a far different reality than Democrats and their allies in legacy media hysterically predicted.
“I saw joggers. I heard birds. … I saw a lot of reporters. There were camera crews set up, and there were also some National Guardsmen there behind the razor wire,” Bedford said, recalling what he saw as he wandered the occupied streets of the nation’s capital in the total absence of a single militant QAnon conspiracist. “Here in Washington, D.C., it sort of feels like the world did end in 2020.” --->READ MORE HERE
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