Thursday, March 18, 2021

CA Schools Discuss Using COVID Money for Teacher Bonuses, Union Encouraged Trip to Hawaii: Memos Show; The pandemic’s high — and largely overlooked — toll on ‘In-Betweeners’, and other C-Virus Updates

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California schools discuss using COVID money for teacher bonuses, union encouraged trip to Hawaii: memos show:
Multiple California school districts have discussed using state and federal COVID relief money to hand out bonuses for teachers and staff, with one district’s union even reportedly proposing the money be used for a trip to Hawaii.
The internal memos have been shared online by “Reopen California Schools,” a Facebook group started early on in the pandemic by Jonathan Zachreson.
Clovis Unified School District, located in Fresno County, reportedly discussed using federal and state relief funds to give employees a “one-time payment to employees … given the extraordinary effort required of every employee over the course of the pandemic.”
Zachreson told Fox News that a person involved in the negotiations told him that the district has discussed employee bonuses as high as $6,000 per employee – rather than on students. --->READ MORE HERE
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The pandemic’s high — and largely overlooked — toll on ‘In-Betweeners’:
A year ago, most of my college peers and I didn’t mind when we heard we’d be spending two weeks of our senior year in a virtual classroom. Yet when the two weeks proved to be months and longer, our minor gripes about missing out on a real graduation and not getting to say goodbye to friends turned to very real worries of being displaced, unemployed and alone.
Fact is, the pandemic’s toll on the “In-Betweeners,” as I call those of us on the cusp between Gen Z and millennials, has been significant — and largely overlooked. My generation was particularly impacted, lost somewhere in between childhood and adulthood.
We In-Betweeners have been waiting alone in cities far from home, isolated college dorms or childhood bedrooms — waiting for the nightmare to be over so life can begin. Our dreams for the future have been hard to keep alive through this awful year, particularly given the financial and emotional turmoil we’ve faced.
Last spring, 38 percent of college students lost their jobs when they were forced to leave campuses around the country; 52 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds moved back in with family, the highest share since the Great Depression. One in five cited financial reasons for the move. --->READ MORE HERE
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