Tuesday, March 2, 2021

A failing report card for Joe Biden; FL Sen. Rick Scott Identifies 2 Things Biden Admin Is Known for So Far: Open Borders and Closed Schools

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A failing report card for Joe Biden:
President Biden is now a third of the way through his first 100 days in office, so it’s an appropriate time for an early report card.
Over 100,000 Americans have now died from COVID-19 on Joe Biden’s watch and his vaccine roll-out has been plagued by missteps, but the Democrats decided to put fighting COVID-19 on the backburner so they could focus on the sham impeachment of the former president instead. This was a mistake. No one imagined that 35 days into the new administration that a new COVID-19 relief bill would not have been already rubberstamped. Mr. Biden and his team’s lies about the Trump administration’s vaccine development and distribution plan have only made matters worse. This all reeks of incompetence.
Now, the American people are just beginning to learn the details of Mr. Biden’s bloated $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill and there are a multitude of problems, starting with the fact that only nine percent of the bill deals with actually combating the coronavirus pandemic. Asking the U.S. taxpayer for $1.9 trillion dollars is an extremely tall order when a trillion dollars from previous COVID-19 relief bills remains unspent. Why isn’t Mr. Biden spending this appropriated money first before asking for more? And, a $15 minimum-wage increase that will cause 1.4 million jobs to be lost has no business in a COVID-relief bill.
Furthermore, the American people should not be on the hook for handouts to Mr. Biden’s political allies, illegal immigrants and bailouts to poorly managed blue states. This is old fashioned swamp politics and emblematic of the “business as usual” attitude in Washington, D.C., that paved the way for the election of the ultimate political outsider Donald Trump in 2016. Washington has learned nothing. --->READ MORE HERE
FL Sen. Rick Scott Identifies 2 Things Biden Admin Is Known for So Far: Open Borders and Closed Schools:
GOP Sen. Rick Scott of Florida argued Tuesday the Biden administration has been characterized so far by lax border security and a tendency to align with teachers unions’ wishes to keep many schools closed.
“In four weeks, the Biden administration has been known for two things: open borders and closed schools,” Scott told reporters during a Capitol Hill news conference with some of his Republican colleagues.
First, Biden officials claimed they would follow the science, but then the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a report earlier this month saying schools can and should be open, he recounted.
“Then they said they need money,” Scott continued. “Well, last year Congress allocated $68 billion for K-12 education and approximately $4 billion of it has been spent, so it clearly is not waiting for money.
“It’s just basically Democrats and the teachers union don’t care about our students,” the senator contended. --->READ MORE HERE
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