Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Trump's Lawyers Warn of Republican Retaliation, Impeachment as Political Weapon; Group led by Jay and Jordan Sekulow issues legal analysis calling Trump impeachment 'unconstitutional', and other TRIAL SPECIFICS

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Trump's lawyers warn of Republican retaliation, impeachment as political weapon:
The historic second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump will open in the Senate on Tuesday, with his attorneys saying Mr. Trump is blameless for the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and accusing Democrats of exploiting the deadly riot for partisan gain.
Defense attorneys David Schoen and Bruce Castor said in a legal brief filed Monday that the impeachment trial is an act of “political theater” by Democrats who are still in the grips of “Trump derangement syndrome,” even though Mr. Trump left office on Jan. 20.
Mr. Trump’s legal team warned that the second trial could result in Republican retaliation someday by wielding impeachment as a political weapon to bar Democrats such as President Biden or Hillary Clinton from holding office again.
“Through this latest Article of Impeachment now before the Senate, Democrat politicians seek to carve out a mechanism by which they can silence a political opponent and a minority party,” Mr. Trump’s legal team said. “The Senate must summarily reject this brazen political act.”
Democratic House impeachment managers said Monday that the Senate must convict Mr. Trump and ban him from holding office again because of his role in “the most grievous constitutional crime ever committed by a president.” --->READ MORE HERE
Group led by Jay and Jordan Sekulow issues legal analysis calling Trump impeachment 'unconstitutional':
A Christian legal firm submitted a legal analysis to the Senate ahead of former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, agreeing with his defense team, who argue the proceedings are unconstitutional.
"The United States Senate, sitting as a Court of Impeachment, has been asked to attain the unattainable: To try and convict a former president – a private American citizen – who holds no office from which he could actually be removed," a memorandum released by the American Center for Law and Justice on Monday said, adding that a conviction would "violate the text and structure of the United States Constitution."
A post announcing the memo was written by Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the ACLJ. He is the son of Jay Sekulow, who served as lead outside counsel during Trump's first impeachment trial in January 2020 and is the chief counsel of the politically conservative, Christian-based social activist organization.
"ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow (my dad), myself, and other senior leaders of the ACLJ’s legal team have more experience with impeachment than anyone else. And at the ACLJ, we’ve been fighting for decades to defend the Constitution," the younger Sekulow wrote. "Now, we at the ACLJ have compiled a detailed and comprehensive constitutional legal analysis of the unconstitutionality of this Senate impeachment trial of a former President, and today we are delivering that critical legal analysis directly to the U.S. Senate." --->READ MORE HERE
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