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Resisting Coronavirus Migration: Biden must not give the virus easy access to Americans; Biden not ready to reopen schools despite approval from CDC chief, and other C-Virus Updates

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Resisting coronavirus migration: Biden must not give the virus easy access to Americans:
Defeating COVID-19 is all about controlling the spread of disease. As President Biden assumes command of the fight against the pandemic, he must resist relaxed immigration policies that open the nation to fresh viral infection.
The president on Tuesday announced immigration reforms meant to reunite separated children with their parents, mitigate destabilizing forces that drive migrants from their home nations, and provide legal aid to asylum-seekers. His plans promise to smooth the flow of immigrants into the United States, but his 888-word summary contains not one syllable about halting the virus, which has killed upward of 450,000 Americans, from entering with them.
In his haste to enact his agenda, Mr. Biden should avoid the critical mistake of removing Trump-era immigration-restricting health regulations. Title 42 of the U.S. Code grants the Department of Health and Human Services authority to examine immigrants for communicable diseases before authorizing admission to the United States.
The Trump-era Centers for Disease Control and Prevention utilized Title 42 to mandate the quick return of most illegal border-crossers to Mexico during the pandemic. Were Mr. Biden to end that policy without a means to ensuring entrants are virus-free, Americans could see thousands of virus carriers enter the country and reverse progress in controlling fatalities that peaked at nearly 4,000 a day in January. --->READ MORE HERE
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Joe Biden not ready to reopen schools despite approval from CDC chief:
President Biden is still not ready to press teacher unions and governors to reopen their schools despite his own CDC director saying in-person classes can be held safely without staff receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.
White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday told reporters that Biden wanted to reopen schools as soon as possible, but swiftly dismissed new data which found a limited spread of coronavirus within them.
“The president, let me be crystal clear, wants schools to open, he wants them to stay open and he wants to do that safely and he wants health and medical experts to be the guides for how we should do exactly that,” Psaki told reporters.
It is up to state leaders to send children back to classrooms, but Biden has not urged governors or local leaders to do so, countering his vow to safely reopen a majority of K-8 schools in his first 100 days in office. --->READ MORE HERE
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