Sunday, February 7, 2021

Evangelicals Ridiculously Asked To Apologize For Supporting President Trump

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Sins of Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and all those who voted to empower them, much greater
We are now officially less than two weeks into the Biden administration, and our new president has a list of “accomplishments” as long as your arm of which he can boast.
Bragging points include:
The degrading of women by telling them they no longer have the right to their own dignity, their own identity or even their own sports; The denial of science by appointing a man who doesn’t even believe in the science of anatomy to be our nation’s assistant secretary of health; The execution of our country’s youngest babies by celebrating the left’s genocidal desire to kill these children just minutes before they are born; The escalation of racism by embracing critical race theory’s (CRT’s) racist manipulation of race; The destruction of our nation by destroying its borders (For what nation can exist if it no longer has any borders to define its existence?);
The return to the insanity of making us dependent on our enemies for the fuel needed to heat our homes, move our cars, and run our military; The evisceration of our economy by telling people the way for them to have more money is for the government to print it rather than let them work for it; And the theft of our religious freedom by forcing all of us to bow to the godawful religion of government as God.
And while all of this has been happening, what has the cry been from our nation’s evangelical leaders? Has it been that the prophets of Baal should repent? Has it been that we should stop sacrificing our children to Moloch? Has it been that we should all join Nehemiah, with a trawl in one hand and a sword in the other, as we rebuild the walls of our God-given freedom? Has it been to plead with our nation’s leaders to humble themselves and pray and seek God’s face and turn from their wicked ways?
No. This is not the message we hear from the church’s higher echelons of power.
In fact, it is the opposite. It seems that in the progressive spirit of reversing all narratives to suit your own political fancies, that today’s church leaders think young David, rather than defying the moral monstrosity called Goliath, instead turned and threw stones at his brothers. Consider the following.
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