Tuesday, February 23, 2021

'Erasing the Line': Biden Admin Introduces Mass Amnesty Plan, 'Inclusive' New Language for Illegals; 6 Key Aspects of Biden’s Amnesty Bill, and related stories

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'Erasing the Line': Biden Admin Introduces Mass Amnesty Plan, 'Inclusive' New Language for Illegals:
Experts are sounding the alarm this week with claims that the Biden administration’s latest legislative proposal just made the ongoing immigration debate “exponentially more serious.”
Formally introduced Thursday morning on Capitol Hill, the comprehensive Democratic plan to modernize American immigration policy was revealed to include a sweeping expansion of the nation’s most widely abused programs, as well as some substantial changes to the rhetoric with which illegal immigration and residency are discussed at the federal level.
An early focal point in discussion of the proposal, which would proliferate work visas and loosen restrictions on family-based immigration, is its long-awaited “pathway to citizenship.”
Virtually all of the 11 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States would be eligible under the plan, with tax-paying status and a successful background check serving as the only major qualifiers for a five-year residency. After five years, a permanent green card would be on the table, with full naturalization opportunities just three years later. --->READ MORE HERE
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6 Key Aspects of Biden’s Amnesty Bill:
President Joe Biden is promoting an immigration bill that could grant amnesty to up to 20 million illegal immigrants.
“The Biden administration, in coordination with Democrats on the Hill, introduced legislation that would give citizenship to 10-20 million illegal immigrants,” Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action for America, said in a public statement.
The Biden White House released an outline of the amnesty legislation on his first day in office.
In what could be a deal-killer for gaining any Republican support, the legislation doesn’t include proposals for increased border security, according to The Associated Press. This comes as Biden has rolled back several major border security measures through executive action.
The proposal comes after Biden ordered federal agencies to stop construction of a southern border wall and signed an executive order to strengthen the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy that gives legal status to illegal immigrants that arrived as children. A federal judge issued a temporary injunction order to Biden’s executive action ordering a halt to deporations. --->READ MORE HERE
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