Wednesday, February 10, 2021

DHS Deletes Deportation Warning Over Fears of 'undue stress' to ILLEGALS; Biden Reinstates ‘catch and release’ Policy at the Southern Border, and related stories

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DHS deletes deportation warning over fears of 'undue stress' to illegal immigrants:
Worried that illegal immigrants may feel “undue stress,” Homeland Security’s legal immigration agency has now deleted a standard warning to people that overstayed their visas that they ran the risk of being deported.
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services‘ operations center issued the directive Wednesday, saying the agency is rolling back a Trump policy that anyone who applied but was rejected for legal immigration status should be referred for deportation, through what’s known in government-speak as an NTA, or Notice to Appear.
But in addition to canceling the policy, the operations center said it was also deleting the caution that being in the country illegally could mean deportation.
“This guidance will ensure the Agency is not placing undue stress on the customer who believes he/she may or may not receive an NTA based on the information provided in their denial notification,” read the directive, which was seen by The Washington Times. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden reinstates ‘catch and release’ policy at the southern border:
The Biden administration has revived the so-called “catch and release” system when it comes to dealing with illegal immigrants at the southern border.
President Biden on Tuesday signed an executive order revoking former President Donald Trump’s ending of the controversial practice — which allows undocumented migrants to remain in the US while awaiting immigration proceedings.
Customs and Border Patrol said the shift in policy was result of three issues — the influx of migrants and children from Central America, Mexico’s refusal to take in families with children under 12, and the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the agency’s detention facilities and transportation capacity, Fox News reported.
The executive order — part of sweeping changes Biden has already made to immigration policy — only permits Border Patrol to hold an undocumented illegal alien crossing the border up to 72 hours. --->READ MORE HERE
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