Sunday, February 14, 2021

'Creepy Joe' Acts Up Again; Women Slam Biden For Alleged ‘Sexist’ Comment Made Toward Registered Nurse

Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Wash Times
'Creepy Joe' acts up again:
Joe Biden has been president of the United States for less than a month. The media, the Democrats and the entire leftist establishment decided that the multiple credible allegations of inappropriate behavior with women, and a credible allegation of sexual assault, didn’t matter. Everybody rallied around Creepy Joe because Orange Man Bad. Or something.
The allegations that came to light during the campaign by multiple women, including a Democratic candidate for whom Mr. Biden had campaigned, forced then-candidate Biden to deliver a video pledging that he never meant to bother anyone, blaming old mores for his creepy behavior. Essentially, he promised he would adjust to the modern age and stop touching girls and women against their will.
How nice.
For those who thought that the limitations provided by the pandemic would save the Democrats from the public being reminded about President Biden’s inappropriate behavior, they just received a wake-up call. --->READ MORE HERE
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Women Slam Biden For Alleged ‘Sexist’ Comment Made Toward Registered Nurse:
President Joe Biden faced backlash for a comment that he made on Monday to a nurse during a virtual tour of a vaccination site in Glendale, Arizona.
“Biden had an awkward, flirty moment Monday during a video conference event with health care workers in Arizona, during which he stopped to compliment one nurse for her youthful appearance — even gushing that she looks ‘like a freshman,'” The New York Post reported. “Biden got up to some of his ‘creepy’ old antics when he responded to the nursing supervisor’s detailed description of giving COVID-19 shots by asking her about her age.”
Biden made the remarks during the following exchange with registered nurse Brittney Hayes: --->READ MORE HERE
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