Saturday, February 13, 2021

BLM's Nobel Peace Prize Nomination; Where's the Outrage? BLM, Antifa Protesters Threaten to 'Burn' DC Down If They Don't Get What They Want, and related stories

BLM's Nobel Peace Prize Nomination:
Rewarding the destruction of a nation — in the name of “peace.”
hese are exciting times for Black Lives Matter (BLM) and its comrades. First, they spent most of 2020 raking in countless millions of dollars in donations as compensation for turning dozens of American cities into war zones—an activity they describe as “racial justice” activism. Next, they helped get two their two most influential supporters on Earth, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, installed in the White House. And now, they have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.
The nomination was put forth by the Norwegian parliamentarian Petter Eide, who lauds BLM for its noble “struggle against racism and racially motivated violence.” In light of the fact that Mr. Eide has represented the Socialist Left party in Parliament since 2017, it is no surprise that he should be impressed by the agendas and tactics of BLM, an organization founded by three self-identified “trained Marxist” revolutionaries: Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi. Under their leadership, BLM has perfected the longtime Marxist strategy of portraying the U.S. as a racist cesspool in desperate need of fundamental transformation. Presumably Mr. Eide believes that such a message, if repeated with sufficient frequency and passion, will promote “peace.”
Perhaps he also believes that yet another Marxist ideal advocated by BLM—the dissolution of “the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure”—will likewise further the cause of “peace.”
While conceding that “people message me to say that BLM is a violent organization,” Mr. Eide dutifully explains that “if some elements of the movement may have been violent, that is not a reason to blame the whole movement.”
Thus, it apparently meant nothing when, in June 2020, BLM’s New York chairman, Hawk Newsome, exhorted African Americans to arm themselves and candidly declared that “we pattern ourselves after the Black Panthers”—a Marxist-Leninist gang that in the 1960s and '70s waged armed warfare against the police and engaged in all manner of criminality: drug dealing, pimping, rape, extortion, assault, arson and murder. Commending the BLM rioters who were tearing apart city after city, Newsome explained: “People want to destroy because they’re angry and they’re frustrated. They want to go out and grab all those things that America told them that they should have, but they couldn’t have.” “If this country doesn’t give us what we want,” he said later in June, “then we will burn down this system and replace it.” --->READ MORE HERE
Where's the Outrage? BLM, Antifa Protesters Threaten to 'Burn' DC Down If They Don't Get What They Want:
Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters continued their performance-art “activism” by antagonizing police officers and yelling at civilians during a march in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.
The event was touted as the “DC Queer and Trans Black History Month March and Rally.”
It was organized by the black activist groups Total Liberation Collective and the Palm Collective, according to Fox News.
As they marched through residential neighborhoods and terrorized restaurant patrons, protesters shouted: “Black lives, they matter here!” and “If we don’t get it, burn it down!”
Basically, the left-wing agitators threatened to torch D.C. if they didn’t get what they want. --->READ MORE HERE
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