Thursday, February 18, 2021

Biden's War on Texas is a War on America; Overwhelmed Border Patrol Fears 'mass migration' Under Biden's Catch-and-Release Policy, and related stories

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Biden's war on Texas is a war on America
A flurry of executive orders on immigration amount to a welcome mat for illegal immigrants crossing southern border
I’ve become convinced that the kangaroo “trial” of our former president is not only a travesty but is meant to distract from enormous mischief taking place elsewhere.
For instance, the Biden/Harris administration has virtually declared war on Texas, probably for daring to remain stubbornly Republican and for giving Donald Trump its 38 electoral votes in November.
How else to explain the flurry of executive orders on immigration that amount to a gigantic welcome mat for thousands and perhaps millions to cross into the U.S. illegally on the southern border, mostly in Texas? The minute they cross, by the way, they become instant victims of “white supremacy.”
The Border Patrol is warning that Mr. Biden’s revived “catch-and-release” policy does not include any COVID-19 testing before “undocumented immigrants” are released into American communities.
Meanwhile, the rest of us are supposed to wear three masks and be tested for COVID-19 before and after any domestic or international airline flights. But illegals? Come on in and make yourself at home. Testing not required. Unless, of course, you want to fly somewhere. But why not stay in Texas and become a Democrat? --->READ MORE HERE
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Overwhelmed Border Patrol fears 'mass migration' under Biden's catch-and-release policy:
Border Patrol agents are being overwhelmed with a surge of migrants in parts of Texas and have had to restart “catch-and-release” policies, turning people loose into the U.S. as the first signs of a migrant surge emerge under President Biden.
Agents, officials and analysts say a combination of relaxed Biden border policies, coronavirus restrictions on holding people and deteriorating levels of cooperation from Mexico have left parts of the border in Texas unable to handle the surge.
One agent told The Washington Times they fear that what is happening in Texas will soon spread west to New Mexico, Arizona and California.
For now, the Del Rio area of Texas is hit hard, said Todd Bensman, a Texas-based homeland security expert and senior fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.
He said Haitians, in particular, are streaming into the U.S. by crossing the Rio Grande. Once captured, they are fingerprinted, given immigration court summonses and released. Some head to Greyhound buses, and others are wealthy enough to board planes, said Mr. Bensman, pointing to information from a local migrant assistance group. --->READ MORE HERE
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