Wednesday, January 13, 2021

You Can't Impeach a 'former president'; Dershowitz, Jay Sekulow Warn Against Second Donald Trump Impeachment, and related stories

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Details: You can't impeach a 'former president'
Voters are now witnessing the Democratic Party racing to impeach President Trump for the second time, less than 10 days before his term is over, and he departs from the White House.
The optics of such a maneuver may not play well with the weary public, half of which now says Mr. Trump’s recent speech — perceived to be a concession speech and shared on Twitter — was “unifying” rather than divisive. See the poll that follows for the numbers.
Meanwhile, the impeachment process is “will not go to trial,” according to Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz. --->READ MORE HERE
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Alan Dershowitz, Jay Sekulow Warn Against Second Donald Trump Impeachment
Two members of President Donald Trump's former impeachment legal team have cautioned against pursuing a second impeachment of the commander-in-chief as he is only set to remain in office for another nine days.
Trump's attorney Jay Sekulow, who represented the president when he was first charged with impeachment at the end of 2019, said it would a "gigantic mistake" for Democrats to impeach him again in a country already severely divided.
Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard Law School professor emeritus who was also a member of Trump's first impeachment legal team, took a slightly different line, arguing that an impeachment trial would not be able to go ahead in the Senate once Trump had left office.
The Senate wouldn't be able to hold a trial until AFTER Jan 21, So Dershowitz added:
"Congress has no power to impeach or try a private citizen, whether it be a private citizen named Donald Trump, or named Barack Obama, or anyone else," Dershowitz told the network. "The jurisdiction is limited to a sitting president, and so there won't be a trial." --->READ THE FULL STORY HERE
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