Monday, January 4, 2021

These Two Must Not Win The Georgia Runnoff Elections: Ossoff, Warnock bankrolled by donors in New York and California; Ossoff's China Problem, and related stories

Ossoff, Warnock bankrolled by donors in New York and California:
The record-shattering fundraising hauls made by Georgia Democratic Senate hopefuls Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are being driven by out-of-state donors in liberal cities like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, campaign filings show.
As Democrats try to claw back control of the Senate in enormously consequential run-off races on Jan. 5, Ossoff, an investigative journalist, and Warnock, a senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, each raised a stunning $100 million in the last two months, becoming the best-funded Senate candidates in history.
But 95 percent of that money is coming from outside of the Peach State, records show.
According to a Post review of Federal Election Commission data, Ossoff and Warnock’s biggest financial backers are from the Democratic strongholds of New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. --->READ MORE HERE
How China Became A Key Issue In The Georgia Runoff:
Beijing is thousands of miles from Atlanta, but Republicans hope the Middle Kingdom weighs heavily on voters’ minds in the Georgia Senate runoff.
Rep. Eric Swalwell’s, D-Calif., newly revealed relationship with Chinese spy Christine Fang is helping the GOP press Jon Ossoff about his financial ties to China. Now, a top pollster believes “the attacks on Ossoff about his connections to China are working” for incumbent Republican Sen. David Perdue.
The questions are fair. While Ossoff has no known connections to a spy like Fang, he received compensation from a Hong Kong media company with a pro-Beijing bent in the years between his failed House campaign and his run for Senate, then left the transaction off his financial disclosure.
Ossoff first chalked the lapse up to a “paperwork error” through a campaign spokesperson. He then amended the statement to disclose the payment, but also claimed the amount was under the $5,000 threshold that requires reporting. --->READ MORE HERE
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