Monday, January 18, 2021

The Capitol Hill Riot Was Pelosi’s Fault, Not Trump’s; Trump's Democrat Impeachers and Double Standards

The Capitol Hill Riot Was Pelosi’s Fault, Not Trump’s:
The Capitol Police have over 2,000 sworn officers. A police force dedicated to protecting Capitol Hill has more personnel in its service than the police forces of most of the country.
Congress' private cops are the 19th largest police force in the country. It’s a larger force than the police forces of Atlanta, Baltimore, Denver, or Milwaukee with a massive $460 million budget.
It’s the only legislative federal force in the country that is answerable exclusively to Congress.
While Democrats advocated defunding the police, their private police force budget shot up from $375 million in 2016 to $460 million in 2020. After the Capitol Hill riot, expect it to go higher.
Much higher.
The media claimed that the Capitol Police were overwhelmed by a massive riot. Except that the number of violent rioters was, at most, in the hundreds, while the Capitol Police could deploy a force the size that protects entire cities to protect a few buildings from hundreds of people.
Media narratives have blamed President Trump for not calling out the National Guard, but the military should not have been needed to supplement a police force as big as those of Atlanta or Denver, but was not tied down with an entire city to police, and really only had one simple job.
And it catastrophically failed at that one job. --->READ MORE HERE
Trump's Democrat Impeachers and Double Standards:
Who, exactly, is guilty of “inciting insurrection”?
A mere 12 days after President Trump took office in January 2017, Congressman Joaquin Castro of Texas became the first of many elected Democrats to publicly call for his impeachment. In that case, Castro's concern was with regard to Trump’s executive ban on travel to the U.S. from nations rife with Islamic terrorism. By the end of 2019, House and Senate Democrats had proposed more than 70 additional reasons for impeaching Trump. Nancy Pelosi, for her part, went full-fascist when she declared, less than four months ago: “We can impeach him every day of the week for anything he does.”
And now, this same Nancy Pelosi has brought her totalitarian vision to life, impeaching Trump for “incitement of insurrection,” a sin supposedly committed in the same January 6 speech where the president explicitly and unambiguously encouraged his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” Yes, Pelosi and her fellow Democrats assure us that -- even though it now seems highly unlikely that the people who breached the Capitol that day were among those who had attended Trump's speech -- the president himself was somehow responsible for the actions of the several hundred lamebrains who chose to break the law.
By the Democrats' same “logic,” however, a much stronger case can be made for the idea that the words which so many Democrats themselves have spoken over the past four years could, and should, have been used as justifications for removing them from political office.
Consider how Democrats have fawned over Black Lives Matter (BLM). It is no longer a secret that BLM was founded by three hardcore Marxist revolutionaries who openly detest America, despise police officers, embrace the doctrines of Marx and Engels, endorse the dissolution of the nuclear family, and revere, above all others, Assata Shakur -- the former Black Panther, convicted cop-killer, and longtime fugitive in Communist Cuba. What would Democrats and the media have said, if President Trump and his supporters were ever to have spoken out in praise of a group that honored a “hero” as repugnant as that? --->READ MORE HERE

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