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Ten Reasons a Post-Presidency Impeachment of Barack Obama Should Happen

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With the Senate looking to be on the verge of starting an impeachment trial for President Trump over bogus allegations that he incited the assault on the Capitol on January 6, Democrats have established the precedent that even after a president is out of office that they must held accountable for alleged crimes committed during their presidency.
“If it is a good idea to impeach and try former presidents, what about former Democratic presidents when Republicans get the majority in 2022?” asked Senator John Cornyn as an ominous warning to Chuck Schumer. “Think about it and let’s do what is best for the country.”
Cornyn’s message was clear. The Democrats, in proceeding with this impeachment, will have opened Pandora’s Box. While it’s hardly a sure thing that Republicans would have the courage to impeach former Democrat presidents once they are back in the majority (let alone a current one) the possibility is now there.
Cary Elwes, the actor most famous for his role as Westley in The Princess Bride, scoffed at Cornyn’s hypothetical. “And what would you try to impeach former Democratic Presidents for?”
Well, that’s the question I’m about to answer. The most obvious former Democrat president who could be and should be impeached despite already having left office is Barack Obama. While Democrats are most likely motivated by their desire to prevent President Trump from running for president again, there are other benefits given to former presidents that would be taken away upon conviction, and given his many impeachable acts while in office, the post-presidency impeachment of Barack Obama would hopefully set an example for future presidents.
So, below, I’ve compiled ten things Barack Obama could be impeached for once Republicans retake the majority in the House.
10. Illegally firing an Inspector General to protect a sex predator
In his first year in office, Barack Obama illegally fired Gerald Walpin, the Inspector General for the Corporation for National and Community Service. Walpin’s only crime was that he was investigating Obama’s friend and donor, Kevin Johnson. Johnson had misused federal grant money for AmeriCorps by funneling it to his personal nonprofit group, paying for political activity, and using it to pay hush money to underage girls he’d sexually abused. After Walpin recommended charges against Johnson, Obama, in violation of federal law, fired him. An investigation by Congress into the illegal firing was met with stonewalling by the Obama White House, and the withholding of documents. The Obama White House also deliberately misled Congress about the reasons for the firing.
If breaking the law to protect a donor and ally who had misused federal grant money and sexually abused three underage girls doesn’t merit impeachment, what does? After all, Obama and his appointees misled and stonewalled Congress in an attempt to cover up his own illegal behavior.
9. His war on cops
Seeing as Democrats say that Trump’s rhetoric “incited an insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol as the primary reason for their second bogus impeachment, it’s more than fair to say that Obama should be equally held accountable for his rhetoric as president which inspired a war on cops, resulting in a spike in assassinations of police officers nationwide. As PJM’s Stephen Kruiser noted back in September, the Black Lives Matter movement may never have happened without Obama. His anti-police rhetoric began in the early months of his presidency when he blamed Cambridge police for a confrontation with an African-American Harvard professor despite not having seen all the facts. And the impact of Obama’s “leadership” on race relations was an absolute failure. According to Justice Department statistics, ambushes of police climbed 25 percent between 2008 to 2013 over the previous ten-year period.
In July 2016, after five police officers were murdered and nine others wounded in Dallas, Texas, William Johnson, the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, blamed Obama. “I think [the Obama administration’s] continued appeasements at the federal level with the Department of Justice, their appeasement of violent criminals, their refusal to condemn movements like Black Lives Matter, actively calling for the death of police officers, that type of thing, all the while blaming police for the problems in this country has led directly to the climate that has made Dallas possible.” Johnson added, “It’s a war on cops, and the Obama administration is the Neville Chamberlain of this war.”
Throughout his presidency, Obama helped promote the narrative that our system of justice is racist, even during his final days in office he used that bogus narrative to justify his record number of pardons and commutations of prison sentences.
Barack Obama has blood on his hands, and he must be held accountable.
8. Illegal treaties --->
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