Monday, January 11, 2021

Laura Ingraham Spotlights 'wanna-be tyrant' Michelle Obama for Pushing Full Big-Tech Trump Ban; Barack Obama, Democrats, Leftists Fuel Hypocritical Anti-Free Speech Movement

Democratic National Convention via AP
Laura Ingraham spotlights 'wanna-be tyrant' Michelle Obama for pushing full big-tech Trump ban:
Laura Ingraham says former First Lady Michelle Obama and others are revealing to the world their “wanna-be tyrant” side by calling for a permanent social media ban for President Trump.
The Fox News host spotlighted Mrs. Obama’s statement on the matter shortly after it was released.
“Now we’re seeing who the real wanna-be tyrants are,” the “Ingraham Angle” host tweeted for nearly 4 million followers. “As usual, the left does not wish to debate actual issues. They only wish to silence their opposition or demonize them into submission.”
At issue is Mrs. Obama’s claim that Mr. Trump encouraged a “gang” to lay “siege” on the U.S. Capitol, which she juxtaposed with the “overwhelmingly peaceful” activism displayed by Black Lives Matter in 2020. --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/Morry Gash, File
Barack Obama, Democrats, leftists fuel hypocritical anti-free speech movement:
For years, Democrats have been making the case that free speech is good, but that some restrictions on free speech are needed because, after all, some speech is just too dangerous, too hateful, too hazardous for the health and safety of citizens, and it’s therefore incumbent on government to step in and put a stop to improper rhetoric.
But this is risky constitutional business.
Founding Fathers created a First Amendment for a reason — and it was mostly to solidify the right of individuals to express political dissent absent fear of government punishment.
It was Thomas Jefferson, in fact, who fought one of the earliest and most eyebrow-raising battles against government clamps on freedom of speech. In 1798, he opposed President John Adams’s “Alien and Sedition Acts,” a set of laws that actually prohibited citizens and members of the press from criticizing political leaders.
It was government censorship of citizen speech, pure and simple. --->READ MORE HERE
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