Saturday, January 23, 2021

Introducing Wokeyleaks; The Spectator Launches the Best Defense Against Cancel Culture: Laughing and Pointing

Introducing Wokeyleaks
A regular column by an anonymous whistleblower operating deep within heart of the Social Justice Movement that is the entertainment industry. To protect their identity, they will go under the code-name ‘They/Them’. Wokeyleaks will also function as a confidential news leak organization for any other sources who wish to divulge classified information (and hilarious anecdotes) about woke culture without fear of getting canceled.
My disillusionment with the Social Justice ‘left’ was less a road to Damascus moment and more death by a thousand cucks. It was when a friend told me that ‘people are concerned about your use of POC hand emojis on Instagram’. Apparently, it’s ‘the equivalent of blackface’ (it’s really not). It was after a star-studded fundraising dinner when I watched a group of activists so engrossed in their cokey soliloquies on the refugee crisis that they left their guest — a Libyan refugee — alone outside an expensive private club unable to get in. It was witnessing the cowardice of an entire social group who completely abandoned a close friend when he became the subject of a #MeToo allegation that they all knew to be bogus. They were so afraid of being on the wrong side of a trendy cause that they all watched in silence as he was mauled by social media mobs and lost his career.
I have been complicit in this hypocritical wokeness, but I never called it out. I was scared of being unpopular. In my community of social justice warrior friends, popularity (measured by social media followers) is everything. I refer not to people from marginalized communities who understandably wish to fight the social inequality that has disadvantaged them. Those people I still support. It’s the CEOs and board members of the social justice movement who are the problem: actors, musicians, models, journalists and professional campaigners who have benefited from structural inequalities but have decided to adopt woke principles because it is fashionable. They are wealthy, but money is not what motivates them most. They derive their power and privilege not from dollars but from an arguably more valuable form of currency: fame. --->READ MORE FROM THEY/THEM HERE
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The Spectator Launches the Best Defense Against Cancel Culture: Laughing and Pointing":
In the current environment, it is rare to run across a piece of news you thoroughly enjoy. The Spectator provided one. On January 15, they launched Wokeyleaks. In the inaugural post, a user who goes by They/Them—to obscure their identity and take a poke at pronoun culture—exposes the woke hypocrisy of the famous in our midst. Celebrities are often the most woke in our culture, and the behind-the-scenes view is just delicious.
The Spectator’s intent is humor, as the dark side of cancel culture is genuine. It has also accelerated at breakneck speed since Jan. 6, and there is no telling when the brakes will be applied. However, for those you know who are not active online or may feel all alone on a college campus where their sincerely held views may be derided, this Spectator segment could serve as a pick-me-up or an education.
The new feature is billed as a regular column that takes submissions from other victims of woke culture: --->READ MORE HERE

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