Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Glenn Beck Shares Emotional Tale About How COVID-19 School Closures Hit Home; Coronavirus Patients Could Be Treated by Value to Society and ‘Lottery’, Warns NHS, and other C-Virus Updates

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Glenn Beck shares emotional tale about how COVID-19 school closures hit home:
Conservative pundit Glenn Beck revealed how remote school during the pandemic has taken a personal toll on his family, he said on “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast.
“I won’t get into the details, [but] midnight — about a month ago — my phone is ringing, and my wife picks up. We’re both dead asleep, and she sits right up in bed, and it’s a teacher at midnight. And then the doorbell rings. My wife says, ‘You got to go to the door, it’s probably the police,'” he said.
Beck recounted to Kelly: “I blurrily stumble out into our foyer, and I open up the door, and it’s the police. They ask for one of my children by name, and I said, ‘Excuse me?'”
Beck added that the police then informed him that a teacher called them about one of teenage kids. “One of my children was suicidal, let’s leave it at that,” he revealed.
Beck has three daughters and one son. --->READ MORE HERE
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Coronavirus Patients Could Be Treated by Value to Society and ‘Lottery’, Warns NHS:
Coronavirus patients could be chosen for treatment based off of their potential value to society or by “lottery” if hospitals are overrun, an emergency protocol drafted by Britain’s socialised health care system has warned.
The emergency triage document was first published in the Journal for Medical Ethics in November but is now being sent to National Health Service (NHS) hospitals across the country.
The document said that when resources are sufficient, then health decisions should be based solely on what is best for every patient, according to The Telegraph.
However, the document went on to say that “When resources are insufficient, decisions need to include a broader view on what is ethically fair for the wider community (society).”
“Other ethical considerations are more complex and opinions differ considerably. Some judge that an individual’s potential to contribute to maintenance of the critical infrastructure throughout the epidemic may be considered in determining priority for allocation of ICU care,” the protocol said. --->READ MORE HERE
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