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CBP Chief Says Biden Policies Will Bring 'Waves' of ILLEGALS, Relive 2019 All Over Again, and related stories

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Trump CBP Chief Says Biden Policies Will Bring 'Waves' of Illegals, Relive 2019 All Over Again
Do we want to go back to the migrant caravans of 2018 and 2019, when tens of thousands of people would travel through Central America to reach the U.S. border and make asylum claims?
That’s what President Donald Trump’s Customs and Border Protection head says could happen — and it’s why he’s touting agreements with three Latin American nations whose citizens made up 71 percent of the individuals apprehended at the border in 2019.
In a tweet announcing the agreements on Tuesday, Mark Morgan said that the “collaborative approach with our partner countries will protect the American homeland from uncontrolled mass migration during a global pandemic” while still protecting the right to asylum.
In a statement, the Department of Homeland Security touted the agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, saying that it was “a historic milestone for the Trump Administration, Central America, and the American people.”
That’s a bit of Washingtonian blandishment, but the agreements are important, particularly with presumptive President-elect Joe Biden looking to undo much of the Trump administration’s immigration policies. --->READ MORE HERE
Loren Elliott /Reuters
U.S. Facing ‘Another Potential Southwest Border Crisis’ as Biden Takes Office:
Immigration hawks and analysts are warning that illegal immigration at the southern border is likely to surge after President-elect Joe Biden takes office, as a confluence of factors, both economic and environmental, has pushed migrants to attempt to enter the U.S.
Already Biden’s team has begun to walk back some of his campaign promises to undo a number of President Trump’s immigration policies on “day one,” showing concern over an anticipated influx of migrants as natural disasters and the coronavirus have wreaked havoc on a number of Central American countries.
Ken Cuccinelli, deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, predicts just by virtue of immigrants seeing Biden as more welcoming to migrants than Trump that the new administration is “likely to have their first humanitarian crisis” caused by the Democrat “effectively telling people he’s going to have an open borders policy.”
As the Trump administration winds down, DHS officials are working to safeguard a number of the president’s regulatory changes and to continue making progress on the southern border wall, Cuccinelli says.
“We continue to build wall at a furious pace,” he said in a recent interview with National Review. “We’re at about 415 miles and counting. The contracts are in place to go beyond January 20 so that will continue until it is somehow legally stopped.”
He expects the Biden administration to face some difficulty in attempting to undo Trump’s executive orders
“They can’t just automatically be done as we’ve seen when this president has tried to do that,” he said. “He was sued and stopped frequently. So, they now have to live with all that case law all those left-leaning activist judges put in place.” --->READ MORE HERE
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