Monday, January 25, 2021

Biden Doubles Down on Amnesty; Amnesty Polls Show Americans Want Jobs for Americans, and related stories

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Biden Doubles Down on Amnesty:
Joe Biden largely campaigned on restoring the status quo ante in Washington, so naturally one of his first proposals is for the sort of “comprehensive immigration reform” that was a staple of the pre-Trump years.
George W. Bush pushed a “comprehensive” bill and failed. So did Barack Obama. Biden picks up where they left off, except with a proposal — and this will be a theme — that is further to the left than the prior bills.
The key, if always dubious, promise in past legislation was to implement enforcement provisions before or alongside an amnesty for illegal immigrants. Biden’s plan doesn’t even bother pretending. It discusses upgrading technology at the border, the bare minimum of enforcement window-dressing, while proposing an amnesty for more than 10 million people.
Although the details are yet to be written into legislation, it’s hard to exaggerate how sweeping this proposal is. It would apply not just to illegal immigrants who have been here for years and become embedded in their communities, but to illegal immigrants who showed up the day before yesterday — the cutoff for the amnesty is January 1, 2021. Even this requirement may be waived for illegal immigrants who were deported on or after January 20, 2017 but resided in the United States three years prior to that. --->READ MORE HERE
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Amnesty Polls Show Americans Want Jobs for Americans:
Business groups are trying to reassure politicians it is safe to go back into amnesty waters — even though many politicians remember their peers who did not long survive the summer of 2013.
The New York Times‘ chief White House reporter, Michael Shear, echoed the corporate reassurances in a January 19 report on President Joe Biden’s amnesty plan:
Todd Schulte, the president of, an immigrant rights group created by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and others with ties to Silicon Valley, said he too was “deeply encouraged” to see Mr. Biden make a pathway to citizenship a “clear priority on Day 1.” Polls, he said, show that 75 percent of Americans support that goal.
“Polling consistently shows broad, bipartisan support for immigrants and immigration reform,” a pro-amnesty statement posted January 19 by a huge coalition of business, political, and investor groups said. The group includes Schulte’s group, the George W. Bush Institute, the Koch-funded Libre Initiative, many Silicon Valley firms, and Michael Bloomberg’s New American Economy group. --->READ MORE HERE
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