Monday, January 18, 2021

Anti-Science Teachers Unions Push To Keep Kids Out Of School For More Than A Year; Study Shows 0% Rate of Covid Transmission in School From Child to Adult, and other C-Virus Updates

Anti-Science Teachers Unions Push To Keep Kids Out Of School For More Than A Year
Despite the arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine in the state, as well as clear scientific evidence that shows children need in-person learning, some schools around the nation are prolonging closures for more than a year after they were first shut down.
Some of these schools include the Newark Public School District and Jersey City Public Schools in New Jersey, which will not reopen for in-person learning until mid-April.
“As per Superintendent Leon, all remote instruction will be extended until after Spring Break. In-person classes will resume April 12, 2021, with the implementation of hybrid-model instruction,” the Newark Board of Education announced in an Instagram post in early January.
While the Newark school district originally planned to reopen multiple times, even offering a part-time plan following Christmas break, pressure from the district’s teachers union has kept students at home for virtual learning.
“We don’t think it’s safe to reopen,” Newark Teachers Union President John Abeigon told Chalkbeat. “Right now, we’re doing everything in our power to try to stop it.” --->READ MORE HERE
Study shows extremely low rate of coronavirus transmission in school, 0% from child to adult:
A study of almost a dozen North Carolina school districts found an "extremely limited" rate of coronavirus transmission and no transmission from children to adults.
The study, conducted over a nine-week period, tracked 100,000 people across 11 school districts and found that only 32 coronavirus cases were acquired at school, and none of those instances involved child-to-adult transmission, according to ABC 11 News Raleigh-Durham.
"Over 9 weeks, 11 participating school districts had more than 90,000 students and staff attend school in-person; of these, there were 773 community-acquired SARS-CoV-2 infections documented by molecular testing," the study's abstract reads. "Through contact tracing, NC health department staff determined an additional 32 infections were acquired within schools. No instances of child-to-adult transmission of SARS-CoV-2 were reported within schools." --->READ MORE HERE
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