Sunday, December 13, 2020

WI Supreme Court Meeting In Rare Saturday Session for Trump Case; MI Attorney Moves to Release Findings From Dominion Voting Machines Forensic Audit in Antrim County, and related 2020 Election stories

Wisconsin Supreme Court meeting in rare Saturday session for Trump case
The Wisconsin Supreme Court is meeting in a rare weekend session Saturday to consider President Donald Trump's lawsuit seeking to overturn his loss to President-elect Joe Biden in the battleground state.
The high court agreed to take the case at Mr. Trump's urgent request Friday, soon after a state judge ruled against him and with Monday's Electoral College vote bearing down and the state's 10 electoral votes about to go to Mr. Biden.
The court is controlled 4-3 by conservatives, but its willingness to take the case isn't necessarily an indicator of how it will rule. The court previously refused to hear the case before it went through lower courts, and a majority of justices have openly questioned whether the remedy Mr. Trump seeks is appropriate. --->READ MORE HERE
Michigan Attorney Moves to Release Findings From Dominion Voting Machines Forensic Audit in Antrim County
A Michigan attorney wants to release the findings from a forensic audit of Dominion Voting Systems equipment for the public to see.
Matthew DePerno, who is representing an Antrim County resident behind a lawsuit challenging a local marijuana retailer proposal, told Newsmax TV on Friday that his broader ambition is to convince state lawmakers to overturn the results of the presidential election with what he says is evidence of voting machine tampering.
"We've called on Mike Shirkey, who is the Senate majority leader in the Michigan Senate, to send a separate slate of electors to Lansing, Republican electors, based on what we think we have found," he told host Greg Kelly, who asked if there was any way to flip Michigan.
"I filed an emergency motion this afternoon with the Antrim County Circuit Court asking them to lift a protective order so that we can release the results of the forensic examination to the American people, to the Michigan House of Representatives, to the Michigan Senate, and to anyone else who wants to see the results so they can judge for themselves how the system operates," DePerno added.
The emergency motion says the "initial preliminary results" are "an issue of national security" and "important for the public, the U.S. government and the Michigan Legislature to review and understand." --->READ MORE HERE
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