Friday, December 4, 2020

WH to Host COVID-19 Vaccine Summit as it Hopes to Start Vaccinations Next Week; Can My Employer Demand a COVID-19 Antibody Test Before Returning to the Office? And other C-Virus Updates

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White House to host COVID-19 vaccine summit as it hopes to start vaccinations next week:
The White House has invited pharmaceutical companies and drug distributors to a COVID-19 vaccine summit next Monday, two days before the Food and Drug Administration is to consider emergency approval for the first immunizations to halt the coronavirus pandemic.
That will trigger an extraordinary logistical effort to ensure that millions of the most vulnerable people can be protected from a virus that has killed more than 250,000 in the United States.
Representatives of Pfizer and Moderna, which have reported success rates above 90% for their vaccines, are among the guests invited to Monday’s event, according to a senior administration official, along with the distribution companies that will help transport the vaccine to where it is needed.
Pfizer’s application for emergency use authorization is due to go before the FDA on Dec. 10, and the official said vaccines could be reaching states before the end of the week. --->READ MORE HERE
Can my employer demand a COVID-19 antibody test before returning to the office?
My new employer is requiring that I take an antibody test to see if I have ever had COVID-19. Is it legal for him to ask for this?
Employers are within their rights to require that employees and new hires take a test to see if they are currently infected with COVID before they allow them to enter the workplace, but not as a condition of employment.
However, testing for antibodies to see if someone has ever had COVID is a completely different matter. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines say that antibody test results “should not be used to make decisions about returning persons to the workplace.”--->READ MORE HERE
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