Sunday, December 6, 2020

The Dangers of Joe Biden’s Extreme Abortion Agenda; Catholic League Denounces Biden Nominee as Enemy to People of Faith, and other stories you may have missed

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The Dangers of Joe Biden’s Extreme Abortion Agenda:
In the aftermath of a singularly high-stakes election, as President Donald Trump fights to ensure that every legal vote is counted, former Vice President Joe Biden claims to want to unify our nation and even “heal” our collective soul. There is ample reason for skepticism.
By all indications, Biden and Kamala Harris have not changed their plans to lead from the extreme left on issues like abortion, contrary to the will of the overwhelming majority of Americans.
The abortion lobby spent unprecedented sums to elect Democrats. They expect swift fulfillment of their wish list. We must not underestimate the damage a pro-abortion White House could inflict through personnel choices, executive orders, and regulatory actions.
Personnel is policy, and Trump assembled a pro-life dream Cabinet. Vice President Mike Pence recently became the first sitting vice president to visit a pro-life pregnancy center, while Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have led a united front in domestic and foreign affairs, standing up to pro-abortion radicals at the United Nations and spearheading a multinational coalition to assert that no international “right” to abortion exists.
In contrast, a potential Biden Cabinet would most likely be stacked with abortion industry cronies, with disastrous results. --->READ MORE HERE
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Catholic League Denounces Biden Nominee as Enemy to People of Faith:
Presumptive president-elect Joe Biden continues to present himself as a devout Roman Catholic, but you wouldn’t know it from his politics.
As if being pro-abortion and supporting the decidedly unbiblical radical transgender agenda wasn’t enough to create skepticism of that claim, he has also tapped the morally repugnant Neera Tanden to direct the Office of Management and Budget.
The problem with Tanden isn’t just the usual right-versus-left issues that could arguably go either way for Catholics, such as the fact that she heads the liberal thinktank Center for American Progress and was formerly an aide to Hillary Clinton.
The issue instead is that some of her crowning achievements directly targeted Catholics and the Roman Catholic Church, which is precisely why Catholic League president Bill Donahue denounced Tanden as a “bad choice” whom the faithful “cannot trust” in a statement released Tuesday. --->READ MORE HERE
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