Saturday, December 5, 2020

Op-Ed: Perhaps It's Time for an Electoral College WITHIN the States

There’s a lot of “flyover country” in my home state of Pennsylvania.
More accurately, it should be called “drive-through country” – the expanse traversed by Interstate 80 that carries travelers from the populated East (Philadelphia) to the populated West (Pittsburgh).
As people travel east or west in Pennsylvania, they enjoy the scenic countryside and bucolic little towns, but most don’t stop. They drive right on by, headed for the urban destinations of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
The composition of Pennsylvania is much like the United States – a large swath of flyover country that is passed by as people travel to and from the metropolitan East and West Coasts.
And like Pennsylvania, most travelers flying to or from the coasts glance down at America’s heartland but never set foot on the ground.
There’s a major disconnect between the urban populations on the coasts and the blue-collar contingent occupying the rest of the country.
And speaking for those of us who reside in the rural, small towns of Pennsylvania, and America, we really don’t mind being overlooked by the major population centers. They do their thing and we do ours.
Except when it comes to elections.
When those living in major cities “do their thing” during an election where the Electoral College isn’t applied, they overwhelm and silence the voice of those living in rural areas and even the suburbs.
On a national scale, the Electoral College prevents the highly populated states from dictating the terms for the rest of us when votes are cast. Majority rule holds no weight come presidential election time in America, and perhaps it’s time the same approach be implemented on the state level.
The 2020 presidential election strengthened the argument for an Electoral College within the states.
Here in Pennsylvania, the metropolitan areas of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were expected strongholds for Joe Biden, while the bulk of the rest of the state was a solid red for President Donald Trump.
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