Sunday, December 27, 2020

Law Professor Calls for Counting Black Votes Double from This Point Forward; An Absurd Call for ‘Vote Reparations’

Law Professor Calls for Counting Black Votes Double from This Point Forward:
You know you’ve penned a winner of a column when you’re driven off of Twitter because of it.
And we’re not even talking about a conservative column. Brandon Hasbrouck, an assistant professor of law at Washington and Lee University, was writing in The Nation — the official publication of 10 out of 10 people who still think Sen. Bernie Sanders should be our next president. He certainly wasn’t bucking any trends or pushing conservatism on the left.
Instead, he had a modest proposal in an article published Dec. 17 about how to make reparations work: have every black vote count double.
You’ve heard the preamble to Hasbrouck’s argument a million times, so let me provide you with a summation: Black Americans have suffered historical injustices, the Electoral College is biased against people of color because states such as Wyoming (which is overwhelmingly white) still get electoral votes despite the fact they have low populations, which means “white votes currently count more than Black ones” — and because of this, “Black communities receive substandard education, and politicians are free to appoint judges who sanction mass incarceration, abusive policing, and electoral disenfranchisement.” --->READ MORE HERE
Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters
An Absurd Call for ‘Vote Reparations’:
This unconstitutional proposal would obliterate the one-man/one-vote ideal.
Just when it seems that the Left’s extremism has reached its outer limits, a new radical idea comes forward. Brandon Hasbrouck, a professor at Washington and Lee University, has taken to the pages of The Nation, the Left’s preeminent periodical, to advocate so-called “vote reparations.”
It’s an idea more dangerous than it is farfetched (though it is that as well). The scheme recommends double-counting the votes of black Americans. This doesn’t merely set aside the one-man/one-vote ideal that our republic operates on; it obliterates it. This proposal wouldn’t pass constitutional muster, nor should it.
Counting some votes more than others is a throwback to a bygone era that Americans — black and white — fought to overcome. Perhaps Hasbrouck has forgotten that one of the primary aims of Jim Crow was to prevent the counting of the votes of citizens in communities and states solely on the basis of race.
Trotting out the usual woke critiques of the hour, Hasbrouck attacks the very foundations of our country’s constitutional design — including the Electoral College, the existence of the United States Senate, and even our independent federal judiciary — labeling them all legacies of slavery.
How does he get to his radical solution? Resting on half-truths, misrepresentations, and the odious disparate-impact theory, Hasbrouck claims that today, “Black votes in this country are worth less than white votes.” Is this because of official state sanction and restriction? Is it possibly because of corporate practices that might be proxies for government action? No, it’s not, and he provides no evidence to support that proposition. --->READ MORE HERE

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