Saturday, December 5, 2020

Justice Alito Agreed to Review an Appeal Against the Ruling of the PA Supreme Court; Georgia Governor Calls for Signature Audit, and related stories

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Alito Responds To Appeal Asking To Block Biden Win In PA:
Justice Samuel Alito agreed on Thursday to review an appeal against the ruling of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that tossed a suit alleging the state’s mail-in voting was unconstitutional.
Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) and other plaintiffs appealed to Alito to block Pennsylvania from certifying the battleground state’s electoral votes for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, according to The Associated Press. The plaintiffs argue that Pennsylvania’s mail-in voting was inherently unconstitutional because it required a constitutional amendment to be authorized.
Alito set Dec. 9 as the date for state officials to respond. That date is a day after the “safe harbor deadline.” After Dec. 8, Congress cannot challenge any electors named according to state law. --->READ MORE HERE
Georgia governor calls for signature audit:
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said he wants a signature audit from his secretary of state.
The Republican, who has been criticized by President Trump for his handling of the election, told host Laura Ingraham in a Fox News town hall that he was troubled after hearings before Georgia Senate panels on Thursday in which attorneys working with the president's legal team revealed surveillance video that they claim shows ballot-counting irregularities at State Farm Arena in Atlanta.
"I called early on for a signature audit. Obviously, the secretary of state, per the laws in the Constitution, would have to order that. He has not done that. I think it should be done," Kemp said of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.
"I think especially what we saw today, it raises more questions. There needs to be transparency on that. I would again call for that. I think in the next 24 hours, hopefully, we will see a lot more from the hearings that the legislature had today, and we will be able to look and see what the next steps are," he added --->READ MORE HERE
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