Wednesday, December 23, 2020

ICYMI (or the media hid it): Who's James Biden? Report: Joe Biden's brother James is also caught up in federal probe; James Biden, a Torture Ticket, Preventable Hospital Deaths, and an Investigation, and related stories

Joe Biden's brother James is also caught up in federal probe: report:
Federal authorities are reportedly conducting a criminal investigation into a hospital business tied to President-elect Joe Biden’s brother James.
Federal authorities in the Western District of Pennsylvania are investigating now-bankrupt Americore Health and have been asking questions about James Biden’s role in the company, two sources familiar with the investigation told Politico.
On Wednesday, Hunter Biden admitted that he is under investigation for tax fraud, and a government source told Fox News the investigation was predicated, in part, on suspicious foreign transactions.
The probe was opened in 2018, and is reportedly more expansive than previously thought, implicating Joe Biden’s younger brother James.
There is no indication that Biden himself is under investigation. But the investigation could complicate his presidency, drawing scrutiny on how the new Justice Department chooses to handle the investigation. It could also draw more attention to the Biden family’s business dealings --->READ MORE HERE
James Biden, a Torture Ticket, Preventable Hospital Deaths, and an Investigation:
Front Page Magazine was about the only conservative site to have released this story before the election about the damage that Biden's brother did to rural hospitals.
After Americore took over the Ellwood City Medical Center, it racked up over 40 citations from the Department of Health. Cardiovascular services were cut, the wound unit was closed, and access to its MRI machines was sidelined.

In 2018, James Biden was renovating his Americore office and demanding expensive furniture as part of an office that was described as a “little shrine to him and his brother and Obama.”

Utilities threatened to turn off the gas and the water at Ellwood. Instruments weren’t being sterilized because there was no equipment, and the hospital couldn’t even afford to order tests.

Things got so bad at the hospital that hazardous waste was just piling up in garbage bags.

Hospital patients might have been able to get basic care and supplies, but the money wasn’t there. Meanwhile, James Biden had allegedly made off with $650,000
Now, there's mention that the investigation is reaching James Biden. --->READ MORE HERE
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