Friday, December 25, 2020

Global Virus Rules for Christmas: Tough, Mild or None At All; Pols Ordering Senseless Lockdown Rules So They Can ‘do something’, and other C-Virus Updates

Global virus rules for Christmas: Tough, mild or none at all:
In Peru, you can’t drive your car on Christmas. In Lebanon, you can go to a nightclub, but you can’t dance. In South Africa, roadblocks instead of beach parties will mark this year’s festive season.
How many people can you share a Christmas meal with? France recommends no more than six, in Chile it’s 15, and in Brazil it’s as many as you want. Meanwhile, Italy’s mind-boggling, color-coded holiday virus rules change almost every day for the next two weeks.
Countries around the world are trying to find the right formulas to keep their people safe for Christmas, especially as new virus variants prompt renewed travel bans and fuel resurgent infections, hospitalizations and deaths at the end of an already devastating year.
Here’s a look at some of the restrictions around the world for the holiday season: --->READ MORE HERE
Pols ordering senseless lockdown rules so they can ‘do something’:
“I’m not sure we know what we’re doing,” San Mateo County Health Officer Scott Morrow recently confessed, ­referring to the myriad puzzling ­restrictions state and local governments have imposed in the name of fighting COVID-19. Morrow’s doubts are striking, because last spring, he joined other San Francisco Bay Area officials in imposing the nation’s first lockdowns, which he still thinks were justified.
Morrow’s remarkable statement, which he posted on his department’s Web site this month, shows that politicians and bureaucrats are still struggling to justify edicts that are often arbitrary and scientifically dubious. A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, many of them have yet to digest the dangers of carelessly exercising their public-health powers.
Although research in other countries has shown that K-12 schools aren’t an important source of viral transmission, they remain closed in California and many other jurisdictions, largely because of resistance from teachers unions. “The adverse effects for some of our kids will likely last for generations,” Morrow warned. --->READ MORE HERE
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