Monday, December 28, 2020

Future Biden Education Secretary Oversaw Creation of Critical Theory Class for High Schoolers; Marxist 'Critical Race Theory' Seeps Into U.S. Courts

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Future Biden Education Secretary Oversaw Creation of Critical Theory Class for High Schoolers:
Joe Biden's likely pick for education secretary helped create a mandated, statewide minority-studies course that "analyze[s] how race, power, and privilege influence group access to citizenship, civil rights, and economic power."
Miguel Cardona, the current Connecticut commissioner of education, played a key role in creating the curriculum for Connecticut's required course in African-American, Black, Puerto Rican, and Latino studies. The curriculum supposedly helps students "consider the scope of African American/Black and Puerto Rican/Latino contributions to U.S. history, society, economy, and culture" and is rooted in "critical race theory," which claims that America is intrinsically racist. As the state's commissioner of education, Cardona oversees all educational programming.
On Dec. 2, the Connecticut State Board of Education unanimously approved the curriculum for the mandatory course, which students will be required to take beginning in the fall of 2022. The curriculum is only mandatory for high school students, though other K-8 school systems are also changing their curricula along similar lines.
Hearing Youth Voices, a left-wing activist group that works to integrate "political education and theory" into public schools, helped develop the curriculum with Cardona. Hearing Youth Voices hosts a slew of diversity training sessions, including one that claims "capitalism is at the root of white supremacy, patriarchy, police brutality, the school-to-prison pipeline and so much more." Other training courses call for police abolition and refer to Israel as a police state. --->READ MORE HERE
Illustration: Linas Garsys/The Washington Times
Marxist 'Critical Race Theory' seeps into U.S. courts:
The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, which helps administer all of our federal trial and appellate courts, is trying to impose Critical Race Theory and its racist bias, stereotyping and discriminatory views on the federal courts, one “diversity training” session at a time.
Critical Race Theory — a Marxist framework that views society only through the lens of race-based oppression — is everywhere these days. In corporations, federal agencies, schools, and even the military, it sows hatred and division in the name of “dignity” and “equality.”
This ideology teaches that “Whiteness” is oppression and that all its manifestations — including “the nuclear family,” “objective, rational linear thinking,” and the idea that “hard work is the key to success” — must be stamped out. It rejects the most fundamental beliefs of our nation, that we are all equal under the law and should have the same opportunities to prosper and pursue happiness based on individual merit.
At its core, it rejects classical liberalism, especially its emphasis on equality under law, neutral legal principles, meritocracy and individual rights. It propagates racial stereotypes and teaches that the way people think and act is tied to their skin color, the same type of racist views taught in the segregationist South decades ago.
What greater institution, then, could its adherents topple than the courts — those temples to the high ideals that justice should be blindfolded, that all men and women are equal in the eyes of the law, and that every case ought to be judged not by the color of the parties’ skin, but by the content of their arguments? --->READ MORE HERE

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