Monday, December 14, 2020

Arizona's GOP leader appeals to Supreme Court court over Biden win; (in a different case) US Supreme Court Asked to Decertify Biden’s Win in Arizona, and related 2020 Election stories

Arizona's GOP leader appeals to Supreme Court court over Biden win:
Arizona’s Republican Party chairwoman appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court as part of a long-shot effort to nullify Joe Biden’s victory there in the presidential election, according to a filing posted online by a Democratic lawyer.
The filing comes as the high court weighs a similarly improbable bid by Texas to invalidate voters’ selection of Biden in four pivotal states, and reverse President Donald Trump’s election defeat. The court could act at any point in that case.
The appeal by Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward says the state needs more time to conduct a new, larger examination of duplicates that were made of thousands of damaged ballots in the state’s largest county, Maricopa, which voted heavily for Biden. --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/Matt York, File
US Supreme Court Asked to Decertify Biden’s Win in Arizona:
Conservative lawyer Sidney Powell has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to decertify Democrat President-elect Joe Biden's victory over Republican President Donald Trump in Arizona.
Powell, who filed the request with the court on Friday night, also asks the justices to bar Biden’s electors from casting Electoral College votes on Monday.
Her appeal marks the second petition for review filed with the nation’s highest court in challenges to Biden’s win in the state. Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward on Friday asked the Supreme Court to review her case seeking to overturn Arizona’s election results.
Powell is appealing the dismissal of her lawsuit that alleged voting equipment in Arizona switched votes from Trump to Biden. A lower-court judge dismissed the challenge on Wednesday, ruling no evidence of fraud had been presented and that those who filed the lawsuit lacked legal standing. --->READ MORE HERE
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