Sunday, November 22, 2020

WI Recount Live: Trump Observers Object to Thousands of Absentee Ballots in Milwaukee; MI GOP and RNC Ask State to Delay Certification as Monday Deadline Looms, and related stories

Michael Sears/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Wisconsin recount live: Trump observers object to thousands of absentee ballots in Milwaukee:
President Donald Trump is pursuing an election recount in Wisconsin's two largest counties, Milwaukee and Dane, in a process that gets under way Friday.
Trump could see a long-shot chance of getting multiple states to change their vote totals. Or, a legal challenge could provide Trump fodder to keep his base revved up for a 2024 run, alleging the long-standing process of electing presidents that delivered former Vice President Joe Biden a victory was unfair.
The official canvass of votes in the Nov. 3 election showed a 20,608-vote difference between Trump and Biden in Wisconsin.
Members of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel politics team will be providing live updates of the recount process as they roll in. --->READ MORE HERE
Robin Buckson/Detroit News via AP
Michigan GOP and RNC ask state to delay certification as Monday deadline looms:
The Michigan Republican Party and the Republican National Committee on Saturday demanded that Michigan delay certifying the victory of presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden, saying the state should conduct an audit of votes in the Detroit area.
The Republicans asked the state board of canvassers to put off for 14 days the certification that is scheduled for Monday.
“It would be a grievous dereliction of this board’s duty to the people of Michigan not to ensure that the irregularities … are thoroughly investigated by a full audit before certifying Wayne County’s results,” wrote state chairwoman Laura Cox and Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. --->READ MORE HERE
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