Tuesday, November 3, 2020

'Voters have the right': CDC Guidance Says People With COVID-19 Can Still Vote In Person; Covid-19 Curtails Election-Night Parties, and other C-Virus Updates

'Voters have the right': CDC guidance says people with COVID-19 can still vote in person:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that sick voters can safely cast their ballots in person as long as they follow proper coronavirus guidance.
“Voters have the right to vote, regardless of whether they are sick or in quarantine,” the CDC said in a guidance updated on Monday, adding that those who are ill with COVID-19 or are quarantining after possible exposure should take precautions to ensure poll workers and other voters are not exposed to the virus.
“This includes wearing a mask, staying at least 6 feet away from others, and washing your hands or using hand sanitizer before and after voting,” the guidance says. “You should also let poll workers know that you are sick or in quarantine when you arrive at the polling location. Check with local authorities for any additional guidance.” --->READ MORE HERE
Photo: Mark Lennihan/Associated Press
Covid-19 Curtails Election-Night Parties:
The election-night gathering is one of the most time-honored political rituals. The typically boisterous affair, held traditionally in a hotel ballroom or a local restaurant or catering hall, allows candidates to gather with their supporters ahead of the returns—and the celebration that would ensue if the outcome proves positive.
But this year, the ritual is being upended because of safety concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout the New York metropolitan area, candidates are scrapping plans for large gatherings on Tuesday, opting instead in some cases just to watch returns from home or a campaign office with a few crucial people. Leaders of local political clubs and committees, who often host election-night events on their own or in tandem with candidates, are also going the low-key route.
“It’s a shame, but it’s indicative of the times,” said Jay Jacobs, chair of the New York State Democratic Committee and the Nassau County Democratic Committee.
Mr. Jacobs plans to host an election-night event for both groups at a Long Island catering hall, but attendance is being capped at 50 people in keeping with New York state’s pandemic-related crowd limit. Normally, the event would draw hundreds, Mr. Jacobs said. --->READ MORE HERE
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