Sunday, November 1, 2020

TRUMP FROM THE STUMP: Starts Final 7-State Campaign Blitz in PA, Warns Voters That 'corrupt forces' Control Biden; 'You know what's looking good? Pennsylvania', and LOTS MORE HERE

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Trump starts final 7-state campaign blitz in Pa., warns voters that 'corrupt forces' control Biden:
President Trump launched a final three-day blitz of campaign rallies in seven swing states on Saturday, telling supporters in Pennsylvania that he’s still a Washington outsider fighting a corrupt political class led by Democrat Joseph R. Biden.
“From Day One, Washington insiders have been trying to stop me, because they do not own me and they do not control me,” the president said at an outdoor rally in Newtown, Pennsylvania. “If these corrupt forces succeed in electing Joe Biden, Washington will see to it that another outsider never becomes president again.”
Mr. Trump held the first of his four scheduled rallies in Pennsylvania at a historic farmhouse in Bucks County, where Gen. George Washington plotted his legendary crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas 1776 to attack Hessian and British forces near Trenton, New Jersey.
The president said Washington’s soldiers “were determined to live in a county where power belongs to the people.”
“That priceless inheritance is at stake just three days from now, and a great red wave is forming,” Mr. Trump said. “And there’s not a thing they [Democrats] can do about it.” --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Trump: 'You know what's looking good? Pennsylvania':
President Trump told a raucous Reading crowd Saturday that Pennsylvania is truly the keystone in his election night fortunes, declaring he spends so much time there because it could hand him a second term if he locks down places like Ohio and Florida, which he also won in 2016.
“This is an enthusiastic group, isn’t it?” Mr. Trump said, basking in their cheers. “This doesn’t seem like someone who’s going to come in second.”
“Ohio is looking real good, they’re all looking real good. You know what’s looking good? Pennsylvania’s looking good,” Mr. Trump said. “If we win Pennsylvania, it’s over. It’s over.”
Both campaigns view Pennsylvania as pivotal.
Joseph R. Biden is spending time there, too, and recently enlisted former President Barack Obama to campaign in Philadelphia, as the Democratic nominee tries to translate a slim polling lead into a win on Tuesday. --->READ MORE HERE
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