Sunday, November 8, 2020

The Fall of the House of Pelosi; If Nancy Pelosi Were To Follow in the Steps of Newt Gingrich, She Would Resign Within Days, and related stories

The Fall of the House of Pelosi:
The D.C. press has built up the myth of Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a brilliant strategist. That's nonsense.
Pelosi is in power for one reason and one reason only. It's the same reason that Schumer is the Senate Dem leader.
American elections are being bought up by San Francisco and New York money. Pelosi is the direct liaison to the SF cash and Schumer is the connection to the NY money.
The money showed up. Lots of it. Republicans were outspent at every turn. But that wasn't enough.
And strategically, Pelosi oversaw a disaster. Schumer may be getting some flak because Democrat Senate ambitions are not paying off, but Pelosi's public behavior was disastrous. Trying to take coronavirus relief hostage, and then attacking Wolf Blitzer was not a good look. Even while the media was touting her genius, Pelosi reacted with a hauteur that won over no one. --->READ MORE HERE
If Nancy Pelosi Were To Follow in the Steps of Newt Gingrich, She Would Resign Within Days:
Newt Gingrich’s tenure as speaker of the House casts a long shadow over the landscape of American politics — so long, in fact, that we often forget his tenure only lasted for four years.
Few other House speakers have had such an outsized influence on the political landscape since World War II, and almost all of them lasted far longer in the position. Sam Rayburn served 16 years, Tip O’Neill served 10.
Even those who didn’t leave their mark politically spent longer in office. From the anodyne (Democrat John W. McCormack of Massachusetts, distinguished by nothing except for being a walking advertisement for term limits who managed to serve in the House from 1928 until 1971, spent almost nine years as speaker) to the disgraced (Republican Dennis Hastert of Illinois, later a convicted felon who admitted to being a serial child molester, spent eight undistinguished years in the office), there are no shortage of other speakers who’ve served in the office for longer than Gingrich. --->READ MORE HERE
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