Saturday, November 14, 2020

Socialism Just a Couple Senate Seats Away; In Razor Thin Georgia Senate Runoff, Third Place Libertarian Candidate Still On Sideline

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Socialism Just A Couple Senate Seats Away:
Sen. Chuck Schumer told a crowd of New Yorkers who were celebrating the idea of a Joe Biden White House that, “Now we take Georgia; then we change the world.”
Take heed. That’s a dark warning. That’s a dark warning about the runoffs in Georgia set for decision in January.
It’s the musings of a man who represents a movement filled with anti-American forces who’ve been trying to undercut this country’s sovereignty and shred its system of limited government — of democratic-republic government — of government where individual rights come from God — for years. Decades, even.
And for all the types out there who gasp in mock scorn at the idea of That! ever coming Here! — of that socialist-slash-communist-slash-collectivist government, a la Cuba or Venezuela government hitting here, the shores of America — well, wake up. It’s here. It’s been here, slowly seeping into America’s culture then politics for years. It’s just not been quite so open or quite so widespread.
It’s poised to coalesce and go public under a Biden-Kamala Harris administration. --->READ MORE HERE
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In razor thin Georgia senate runoff, third place Libertarian candidate still on sideline
Fewer than 89,000 votes separate Georgia Republican Sen. David Perdue and his Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff - or roughly 27,000 votes less than Libertarian candidate Shane Hazel received.
Mr. Hazel‘s 2.3% of the vote would be enough to put either big party candidate over the 50% hump in the runoff slated for Jan. 5, but Mr. Hazel isn’t in an endorsing mood.
Instead, he would like to moderate a “conversation” - he does not want to bill it a debate - between the two candidates. So far, however, he has received no takers from myriad Georgia outlets he said he has contacted.
“There might be a path forward here,” he said, in terms of the choice his voters may presumably make between Mr. Perdue and Mr. Ossoff. --->READ MORE HERE
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