Monday, November 30, 2020

Six Disastrous Obama-Era Foreign Policies Set to Return Under Biden; Iran Can’t Wait for Biden, and other related stories

Jay L. Clendenin/LA Times (via Getty Images)
Six Disastrous Obama-Era Foreign Policies Set to Return Under Biden:
Reports began to surface this week of potential cabinet appointments and priority government projects for Democrat Party presidential challenger Joe Biden should he take office in January.
Many of these, both the individuals and the policies, are not new – they are vestiges of the departed Obama administration that Biden was part of as vice president. In foreign policy, particularly, Biden has promised a return to a status quo under his former boss that fueled global instability, wasted American tax dollars, and hurt the American worker.
Below, five policies Biden has promised to resurrect from their political death under President Donald Trump and the setbacks they represent to policies that, for the past four years, have helped make the world a more peaceful place.
Returning to the Iran Nuclear Deal
As a candidate in September, Biden wrote in a CNN column that he would seek to offer Iran, the world’s top state sponsor of terrorism, a “credible path back to diplomacy.”
“If Iran returns to strict compliance with the nuclear deal, the United States would rejoin the agreement as a starting point for follow-on negotiations,” Biden vowed. --->READ MORE HERE
Iran Can’t Wait for Biden:
President Hassan Rouhani celebrated media claims of Biden's victory as “an opportunity for the next US government to make up for past mistakes." “The next American administration will surrender to the Iranian nation," the Iranian leader boasted after the election.
The terrorist state’s vice president hailed the end of President Trump’s “warmongering”.
The Islamic terrorist state has every reason to want Biden in the White House. The full scope of Iran’s interference in our presidential election still remains unknown, but one dirty trick involved sending threatening emails to Florida and Arizona voters from “Trump supporters”. A video showed Iranian hackers supposedly sending in illegitimate absentee ballots using stolen voter data, and the Director of National Intelligence warned that Iran had accessed voter data.
“Iran has no interest in interfering in the U.S. election and no preference for the outcome,” Iran's spokesman at the UN claimed.
But Iran’s preference for Biden is an even worse kept secret than its nuclear program. The Iran Lobby had been investing in Biden before anyone outside D.C. or Delaware knew him. --->READ MORE HERE
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