Thursday, November 26, 2020

School Systems Across the US Report Increased Rates of Failure from Virtual Learning; School Closings Leave Nation’s Rural Students Isolated, and other C-Virus Updates

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School systems across the US report increased rates of failure from virtual learning:
While more school districts face a return to completely virtual classrooms as the latest coronavirus surge sweeps the nation, systems are increasingly reporting that online learning doesn't cut it, with rates of failure soaring across the country.
In Fairfax County, Virginia, a new report from the Office of Research and Strategic Improvement found that the percentage of failing grades so far were up more than 80% compared to last year's rates — jumping 6% to 11%.
In the Los Angeles Unified School District, Ds and Fs among middle and high school students have surged — as has school attendance, according to the Los Angeles Times. LA schools did not report the year-on-year differences, but other districts in the Bay Area reported 50% jumps in failing grades compared to relative stability over the past few years, according to the Mercury News.
In Austin, Texas, nearly one-quarter of all middle school students in the Austin Independent School District were failing at least one class, a 70% increase compared to last year, according to the Texas Tribune. In the Van Alstyne ISD, 62% of all students participating in virtual learning were failing at least one class, News 12 reported. In neighboring Pottsboro ISD, virtual learners were more than five times as likely to have a failing grade than students who attended in-person classes. --->READ MORE HERE
COVID-19 school closings leave nation’s rural students isolated:
The midday arrival of a school bus at Cyliss Castillo’s home on the remote edge of a mesa breaks up the long days of boredom and isolation for the high school senior.
The driver hands over food in white plastic bags, collects Castillo’s school assignments and offers some welcome conversation before setting out for another home.
The closing of classrooms and the switch to remote learning because of the coronavirus have left Castillo and other students in this school district on the sparsely populated fringe of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico profoundly isolated — cut off from direct human contact and, in many cases, unconnected to the grid.
Like many of his neighbors, Castillo does not have electricity, let alone internet.
It is yet another way in which the pandemic has exposed the gap between the haves and have-nots in the US. --->READ MORE HERE
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