Friday, November 6, 2020

Pollsters got it wrong AGAIN; Pollster Says His Industry is in Shambles After Trump Outperforms Predictions: 'It is devastating', and related stories

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Pollsters got it wrong again:
Claimed that Joe Biden had an unbeatable margin of 17 points in some states
The pollsters got it wrong again. Some claimed going into Tuesday’s election that Joe Biden had an unbeatable margin of 17 points in some states. Pundits claimed Republicans would lose between five and 15 seats in the House. It appears they’ve picked up a few. And because final results will not be known until states count mail-in votes and end their extended vote-counting processes, Republicans could pick up a few more.
Why do some continue to employ these pollsters who miss the “silent majority,” or in this case “shy” Trump voters, many of whom refused to speak with or hung up on their robocalls? Some conservatives believe it is part of an effort by the left to discourage conservative voters so they will give up and not bother to vote. Instead, they showed up in person and in huge numbers at polling places across the country.
Then there’s the bad practice of calling races with a fraction of the vote counted. On Fox News Tuesday night, one of the members on their “decision desk” was interviewed after Arizona was called for Mr. Biden with a small percentage of the votes counted, prompting howls from the Trump campaign and anger from some viewers. Why is this necessary? Some would argue, credibly, that the result can be to drive down voter turnout by discouraging people who might think President Trump lost. --->READ MORE HERE
Image: Fox News video screenshot
Pollster says his industry is in shambles after Trump outperforms predictions: 'It is devastating':
A nightmare scenario for pollster Frank Luntz became a reality on Election Day.
The industry giant asserted in late October that his profession would be “done” if predictions of a large loss for President Trump’s reelection campaign failed to materialize.
Results for the still-undecided election include a strong showing by the Republican in his efforts to defeat Democratic Party challenger Joseph R. Biden.
“The political polling profession is done,” Mr. Luntz told Axios late Tuesday. “It is devastating for my industry.”
“I owe an apology to [John McLaughlin], who had the key Rust Belt states (Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin) going for Trump by 1% margins or less,” he added on Twitter. “No matter which way those states ultimately go, John’s numbers were closer than the semi-blowout margins from mainstream pollsters.” --->READ MORE HERE
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