Thursday, November 19, 2020

Pelosi Could Face a Mini-Rebellion in Bid for Reelection as Speaker; Democrats Already Looking Ahead to Post-Pelosi Future After Disappointing Election

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Pelosi could face a mini-rebellion in bid for reelection as speaker:
Most Democrats declared Tuesday that Nancy Pelosi will be elected overwhelmingly by her party this week to run for another term as House speaker in January, but the California Democrat may face a mini-rebellion from a group of swing-district lawmakers unhappy with a slate of election losses and a leftward shift in messaging.
“I’m, right now, very passionately undecided,” Rep. Dean Phillips, a Minnesota Democrat, told the Washington Examiner.
Democrats have lost a net of 8 seats so far and several outstanding races favor GOP candidates. Republicans have flipped a dozen seats held by Democrats, all in swing districts.
The shrunken majority will leave Pelosi with almost no wiggle room on January 3, when she must win 218 votes from the entire House in a vote the first week of January. She’ll get no GOP votes, so even a small group of opposing Democrats would derail her election to a fourth term with the gavel. --->READ MORE HERE
Democrats Already Looking Ahead to Post-Pelosi Future After Disappointing Election:
Rep. Nancy Pelosi is running to keep her job as speaker of the House unopposed and is expected to win her caucus’ nomination, but some House Democrats are already looking ahead to a post-Pelosi future.
The 80-year-old California Democrat will face a full floor vote in January and is expected to continue to serve as speaker despite internal grumblings after the election, Politico reported. Many Democrats are pointing fingers after the party lost at least eight seats in the Nov. 3 vote.
“There’s near universal appreciation for ‘thank God Nancy was there during this turbulent four years.’ She was the Rock of Gibraltar,” Rep. Gerry Connolly of Virginia told the outlet.
“I think that’s really why the idea of challenging her has not resurfaced and is not likely to,” he said.
Pelosi needs only a simple majority of her caucus to vote for her Wednesday before she starts a six-week persuasion campaign to lock down the 218 Democratic votes she will need in January. --->READ MORE HERE
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