Friday, November 13, 2020

Michigan voters file federal lawsuit seeking to toss 1.2M ballots; Maricopa County GOP chairwoman resigns after Democrats reveal she skipped election machine test, and MORE Voting Issues PILE UP

Michigan voters file federal lawsuit seeking to toss 1.2M ballots
The stack of Michigan lawsuits filed in the aftermath of the election is continuing to pile up, with a new one in federal court seeking to toss out some 1.2 million votes in Michigan.
The lawsuit was filed by four voters on Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan. The litigation seeks to overturn ballots in Washtenaw, Ingham, and Wayne counties. Wayne County has already been the target of a federal lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign one week after the election.
Those three counties combined represent about 1.2 million votes of the state’s approximately 5.5 million votes cast in this year’s election. The plaintiffs are Lena Bally and Gavriel Grossbard, both of Oakland County, Carol Hatch of Eaton County, and Steven Butler of Jackson County.
The suit contends that “sufficient evidence exists to place in doubt presidential-election results” in the counties listed, specifically “issues with transparency, fraudulent changing of dates, a software glitch, clerical errors, illegal votes, and many other issues and irregularities.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Maricopa County GOP chairwoman resigns after Democrats reveal she skipped election machine test:
The chairwoman of the Maricopa County Republican Party in Arizona resigned after it came to light that she skipped a meeting ahead of Election Day that focused on testing the county's ballot tabulation machines.
Rae Chornenky, an attorney, has often clashed with the party's further-right-leaning figures, the Arizona Republic reported. According to her LinkedIn, Chornenky has served as chairwoman of the Maricopa County GOP for about two years. She was the first woman to serve in the position in the state's most populous county.
Democrats posted to social media that Chornenky had been absent from the preelection meeting. Calls for her to step down were supported by Chornenky's rival counterpart, Maricopa County Democratic Party Chairman Steven Slugocki, and Democratic state Rep. Kelly Townsend.
"I just found [out] that Maricopa County GOP Chairman Rae Chornenky failed to show up to certify the Dominion / Machines. For this reason, I call for her resignation, along with her 1st Vice Chair." Townsend tweeted. --->READ MORE HERE
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