Thursday, November 12, 2020

MAKE AMERICA LAST AGAIN: ‘Things Are Going to Get Easier’: E.U. Dreams of a Subservient U.S. Under Joe Biden

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Joe Biden, presumed victor of the 2020 presidential election as accorded by mainstream media outlets, has been cheered on by the European Union (E.U.) which believes he will be diplomatic putty compared to a combative Donald Trump.
Jean-Claude Juncker, former European Commission president, conceded Sunday that while nothing will change immediately if Biden does indeed make it to the White House, in the longer term diplomatic life will get easier.
“Things are going to get a lot easier, because Joe Biden understands Europe better than Donald Trump,” Juncker declared.
“With Biden as president, the E.U. could expect and welcome a much more predictable and constructive U.S.-E.U. relationship on trade, NATO, Iran, the Middle East and above all on climate change, if the U.S. re-enters the Paris climate agreement,” agreed Mujtaba Rahman, director of the Europe office of the Eurasia Group risk analysis firm.
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