Friday, November 13, 2020

Democrats' One-Party Control Would be a Disaster for America; Big Out-of-State Money Expected to Pour Into Pair of Georgia Runoffs Set to Decide Senate Control

Democrats' one-party control would be a disaster for America:
If two U.S. Senate seats fall, the Democrats' dream of domination could be realized
America could be headed down a one-way street with one-party rule, joining the illustrious ranks of Communist China, equally communist Cuba and nuke-naughty North Korea.
If the results from a tumultuous week of vote counting hold, the State of Georgia (the American, not Russian one) will determine whether the Democrats — who will already control the White House and Congress — can wield total control by winning two January U.S. Senate runoff elections.
That would move the Senate into a 50-50 tie, with the tiebreaker belonging to the Kamala Harris, who won’t have to wait for Joe Biden to leave office before she claims power. Despite commanding no mandate, despite Democratic losses in the House and failed gains in the Senate this past week, Ms. Harris and Nancy Pelosi could rule the legislative roost with reckless abandon with no need to check in with the public about what they want.
Many have decried the increasing use of “executive orders,” popularized under Barack Obama and continued by Donald Trump, that force through policies the legislative branch of government slow-walked, balked at or simply opposed. We are two Senate seats away today from a new kind of directive — “legislative orders” — that will not have to suffer through the inconvenience of a vote. The vote is baked in.
In a democracy that depends on checks and balances, there would be only checks (we’d be forced to write) and no balance. None. --->READ MORE HERE
Big out-of-state money expected to pour into pair of Georgia runoffs set to decide Senate control:
Republicans and Democrats are racing to Georgia on Sunday to get in place for a nine-week, high-stakes, year-end sprint that could cost another $100 million and determine the balance of power in Washington.
The two runoffs will likely thrust Georgia into the center of the nation’s political fray and test the extent of Democrats’ emerging strength in what was once a Republican stronghold in the South.
Georgia, a once-reliable red state with rapidly changing demographics, will be the site of two Jan. 5 runoffs to settle which party will control the U.S. Senate. On Friday evening, Democrat Jon Ossoff and Georgia Sen. David Perdue narrowly advanced to a second round after three days of vote counting. Georgia law requires an outright majority to win a statewide office.
There will also be a special election to decide which candidate will fill the unexpired term of former Sen. Johnny Isakson, a Republican who retired at the end of 2019 due to Parkinson's disease and other medical challenges. --->READ MORE HERE
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