Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Calls for Shutdowns to Stop COVID-19 are Unwarranted and Foolish; Lockdowns Haven't Brought Down COVID Mortality, But They Have Killed Millions Of Jobs, and other C-Virus Updates

Illustration: Linas Garsys/The Wash Times
Calls for shutdowns to stop COVID-19 are unwarranted and foolish:
Some of presumptive President-elect Joe Biden’s advisers have advocated a new and even more extreme shutdown of the country to allegedly stop the COVID-19 virus. Much of what is advertised as public health wisdom from the political class is nothing more than nonsense spouted by people who wish to control others.
Examples are mask mandates and limits on social gathering that apply to others, but not to those who mandate them like California Gov. Gavin Newsom or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or New York’s notorious Cuomo brothers.
COVID-19 is unlikely to go away until herd immunity develops from a combination of those who had the virus and those who have been vaccinated. Efforts to keep the very young from getting COVID-19, given most will not even realize they have it or will suffer only mild symptoms, may be counter-productive in that it delays the point where a country has herd immunity.
Fortunately, not all political leaders are irrational and lacking in an understanding of cost-benefit analysis. The leaders of Sweden decided not to shut down their country and not to engage in universal mask mandates, but to let life go on as normal but with some low-cost precautions. --->READ MORE HERE
Lockdowns Haven't Brought Down COVID Mortality, But They Have Killed Millions Of Jobs:
During the early onset of covid-19 in the spring, government officials across the political spectrum widely agreed that government intervention and forced closure of many businesses was necessary to protect public health. This approach has clearly failed in the United States as it led to widespread economic devastation, including millions of jobs lost, bankruptcies, and extremely severe losses in profitability. Nor have states with strict lockdowns succeeded in bringing about fewer covid deaths per million than states that were less strict.
Consequently, a few months into the pandemic, some governors weighed the competing economic costs with covid-19 containment and slowly reopened their economies. Of course, these governors did not mandate businesses reopen; however, they provided businesses the option to reopen.
Hysteria ensued as many viewed easing restrictions as akin to mass murder. The Atlantic famously dubbed Georgia governor Brian Kemp’s easing of restrictions as “human sacrifice” and referred to Georgians as being in a “case study in pandemic exceptionalism.” Instead, we should view the lockdowns as a case study in the failure of heavy-handed approaches in containing a highly infectious virus. --->READ MORE HERE
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